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Ian and Idalia: Why Model Precision Was Critical

The Baron Model verifications of Idalia and Ian

Decisions require details when a hurricane approaches. And consistency is critical as the clock counts down to landfall. Florida has been hit by two rapidly developing major hurricanes in back-to-back years. Hurricanes Ian and Idalia were well-forecasted on a regional scale, but precision and run-to-run consistency were lacking in most global forecast models. The exclusive…

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A Simpler, Smarter Response to Climate Change

Will you react or adapt to extreme weather events

Our planet is hot—the warmest in recorded history by some measurements1. And our climate is now changing at an alarming rate. Global daily surface air temperature (°C) from 1 January 1940 to 23 July 2023. Credit: C3S/ECMWF (via World Meteorological Organization). It’s no secret that climate change causation is controversial in many political circles. However, addressing the impacts…

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