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Baron Celebrates National Oceans Month with Better Modeling for Mariners

Oceans are known as our environment’s “lungs”, providing oxygen, food, and medicine to all who call Earth home. Whether we’re enjoying a trip at sea or endeavoring to keep our water healthy, weather over water can be dangerous. Baron’s superior forecast modeling can empower mariners and oceanographers to stay safe and be more effective with…

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Tools for Before, During, and After a Severe Weather Event

In anticipation of any severe weather event, having timely, location-specific information can make all the difference in your decision-making abilities. But between ever-changing forecasts and hard-to-predict conditions, the information you need in order to plan ahead isn’t always accessible, let alone accurate.  With access to the right tools and data, it’s easier to predict, plan,…

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The Right Tools for Better Risk Mitigation

  When it comes to doing any project or task, choosing the right tools makes all the difference.  Insurance professionals have leveraged weather data for years when making wide-ranging decisions from underwriting risks, insurance premiums, risk management and claims validation, just to name a few.  Today, weather data is more important than ever before for…

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