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Applied NWP/Geophysical Modeler

Baron Services is looking for an experienced operational NWP/geophysical modeler to work directly with Baron’s Advanced Meteorological Systems team. The position will support R&D projects as well as routine real-time customized forecast modeling and product development at its office in Raleigh, NC, on the campus of NC State University. The position is permanent with opportunities for professional growth and career development.

Major Duties

The successful candidate will join experienced modelers conducting research, development, and operational deployment of new or existing components of forecast modeling systems and their end-user products. The position will allow focus and growth within a range of geophysical modeling activities, including weather modeling (coupled ocean-atmosphere or uncoupled), data-assimilation, hydrometeorological/hydrological modeling, and product development at both nowcasting (e.g. flash-flooding; severe-weather) and forecasting scales. In particular, model-based applications that emphasize impact-based decision-making are of high priority. Thus, experience in the use of observations (e.g. radar; in situ, satellite remote-sensing) in overall product solutions – both for situational awareness and for model initialization – is an important consideration in candidate selection.

The successful individual will also be responsible for assisting with day-to-day, routine, NWP, hydrology, and air quality model execution and product delivery in an HPC-based 24×7 mission-critical environment. The compute environment includes customized-science versions of WRF for NWP, sophisticated hydrological models such as WRF-Hydro and the Baron LN-2; and advanced custom (MAQSIP-RT) and public (CMAQ) operational air quality models, and their data assimilation and model evaluation sub-systems. All of these applications are tailored to meet specific and unique requirements of a very diverse customer base, including local and national broadcast television, state- and federal agencies, road-way transportation, emergency management, aircraft and marine sectors, and international government and consumer customers.

Working in a team environment, the position will likely include involvement in forecast model modernization programs related to capacity building for international customers, as well as contributing to proposal writing for both these and other opportunities. Some domestic and international travel may be required.