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Data Services Developer

Baron is currently searching for a Developer to join our Data Services team in Huntsville, AL or remotely. This is a technical position focused on the research and development of critical weather information and its application to a variety of industries including broadcast, aviation, marine, transportation, telematics, emergency management, and more. A thorough understanding of computer programming is required.

Job Duties include:

•    All aspects of product development, including research, testing, implementation, and evaluation of new products and enhancements to existing products

•    Writing computer programs and scripts to create value-added weather products

•    Stay apprised of the latest scientific findings, data sources, and technology for incorporation into new and existing company products

•    Assessment of changes to input data sources and their impact on operations

•    Maintenance of operational servers and processes to ensure data quality and timeliness, including after-hours support

•    Upkeep of technical documentation for operational systems and processes