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NAB Show Highlights

Baron Weather was excited to be able to attend the 2022 NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the first time in three years. This four-day trade show for content professionals from all corners of the media, entertainment and technology industry brings in thousands of professionals from diverse disciplines, ranging from pre and post-production, content creation and delivery, artificial intelligence, and automation. Over 50,000 people attended this year’s NAB Show. 

Our team of seasoned account representatives was excited to meet in person with our friends in broadcasting after nearly two years of video conferencing communications. Attending the 2022 NAB Show allowed us to see many of our clients face-to-face for the first time, and make new friends as well. 

If you stopped by to see us, thank you! If not, we look forward to seeing you soon!

At this event, we showcased a number of improvements to our existing weather technology, as well as some brand new additions to our repertoire. Our products make it easier for broadcasters to understand weather data and disseminate it to viewers, and we’re always moving forward with new innovations and technologies.

Here’s a sampling of the products we had to show this year at our booth, and how they can help you boost your viewership and revenue while delivering accurate, reliable information that could save local viewers’ lives in the face of disaster. 

Baron ClearScan

In April 2022, we unveiled Baron ClearScan. Baron ClearScan is a new patent-pending radar clutter mitigation technology that provides the user with current precipitation data with unmatched clarity.  Using machine learning algorithms supported by human intervention, the Baron ClearScan learns to recognize data from actual weather targets versus radio frequency interference (RF) or anomalous propagation (AP). RF interference is caused by other electronic devices and is a growing concern as new technologies like 5G cellular signals increase the potential interference with weather radars.

This radar clutter mitigation technology improves precision and ensures accurate precipitation reports. Clear visuals help you identify precipitation and other environmental changes, while easy-to-digest graphics allow your viewers to understand exactly what to expect. 

Baron ClearScan is a brand new product featuring proprietary technology that will solve increasing interference problems that many radar customers are experiencing. Listen to this interview with Baron President and CEO Bob Dreisewerd to learn more about ClearScan.  


Baron Lynx

Baron Lynx is our comprehensive weather solution for broadcasters, complete with gorgeous graphics designed by your station or our in-house Art Department. No matter whether you’re forecasting bright, sunny days or natural disasters like tornadoes, and floods, Baron Lynx equips you with the tools you need to do so confidently.

This year, we showcased a number of improvements to Baron Lynx, designed especially for broadcasters:

  • Power outage data
  • Winter weather products
  • Enhanced National Weather Service Alerts
  • Updated Baron Tornado Debris Signature


These updates will empower broadcasters with better ways to communicate with viewers, provide them with clearer and more accurate visuals, and give them faster ways to identify natural disasters before they happen.

Additionally, we recently released major updates to the Baron Lynx mobile app and web widget, empowering you to reach our audience wherever they may be. Both the iOS and Android apps feature improved navigation and UI, as well as newly enhanced mapping layers. 


At the NAB Show, we didn’t just have the opportunity to demonstrate and discuss our own products. Baron Weather also had the opportunity to learn about new technologies and trends in the industry and discuss new innovations. We’re always innovating and improving so you can make better, informed decisions about the weather, and help your viewers do the same. 

This year’s NAB show was a blast; getting to see our customers, meet new faces, and discuss our recent innovations was a breath of fresh air. We hope to see you there at our booth next year!

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