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Storm Tracking

Go Inside a Storm for Deeper Knowledge

When severe weather and other natural hazards are impacting your business, agency, or community you need detailed information to take the appropriate action and implement emergency response plans or complete post-event analysis.

Baron offers exclusive and patented products that provide advanced detection with near-term forecasts, real-time storm detection, pending storm arrival times and deep analysis of what is likely to occur with other hazards like lightning, hail, wind shear, tornadic rotation, and flooding. Baron is recognized as the pioneer of storm tracking technology and has continued to innovate new storm detection products that provide precise insights into storms severity and impacts.

  • Baron severe weather tracks identify when severe weather arrives and accurately defines the speed and direction of a severe storm cell.
  • Detects and reports the location and path of hail threats.
  • Illuminates imminent flash flooding.
  • Conveys the probability of tornadoes within a single storm cell using exclusive technology within the Baron Tornado Index.
  • Locates possible tornadoes and even lofted debris.
  • Detects dangerous winds and tracks the path over time.
  • Provides the accurate rate precipitation and forecasts accumulations.
  • Historical archives of severe storms and associated threats.

Baron’s storm tracking technologies are prominently displayed in software display solutions that can be utilized to ensure the protection and safety of those in harm’s way. These visual solutions graphically represent the danger with clear easy to understand imagery. The data can also be integrated into products and services via an easy-to-use developers API or utilized as layers within popular GIS platforms.

Valuable uses for Baron’s Road Weather products include:

  • Businesses and Plant Operators
  • Insurance companies
  • Broadcasters
  • Public Safety Agencies
  • National Weather Agencies Around the World
Baron storm track

Baron Storm Tracking

With Baron you will have the tools to be the trusted source your community turns to when dangerous weather threatens.