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Flight Planning and Tracking

Superior Weather Awareness for Flight Planning and Tracking

For pilots, crew, and passengers, encountering dangerous weather in the air is undeniably dangerous. The Baron Weather API provides an easy, efficient way for developers of flight tracking and planning services, like websites and apps, to integrate high-quality aviation weather data. To ensure safety and on-time arrivals, aviation companies need to be aware of weather conditions both before takeoff and during a flight.

Baron offers a deep catalog of aviation weather data, that includes many global and exclusive products with real differentiators. Through an API integration your existing flight planning and tracking software and apps, or by adding map layers to popular GIS platforms, Baron makes integrating high-quality aviation data into your established workflows easy, enabling businesses and private pilots to:

  • Analyze current and forecasted weather conditions along a planned route and adjust as necessary.
  • Monitor current weather conditions and an aircraft’s location simultaneously to reroute around dangerous situations.

Here’s a look at some of the aviation weather data you can integrate into your flight planning and tracking services:

  • Global Radar
  • Baron Flight Cross Section
  • Cloud Cover Imagery
  • Global Lightning Strike Data
  • METAR and TAF Data
  • Significant Weather Charts
  • Forecast Data
  • Turbulence
  • And more

Ready to start flying with greater safety and efficiency? Let Baron craft a weather solution for your aviation organization.

Read how Spidertracks and iFlightPlanner utilize Baron Aviation Weather data to better serve their customers.

Flight tracking software with Baron Aviation Weather data

Baron weather data displayed in Spidertracks flight tracking software

Flight planning software with Baron Aviation Weather data

Baron weather data integrated into iFlightPlanner software

Learn how iFlightPlanner and Spidertracks are using Baron aviation weather data to add value for their customers.