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Weather Solutions

Accurate, actionable, and critical weather information to keep your community safe and informed.

Are You Giving Viewers a Reason to Tune In?

As a weather expert and broadcaster, you face a unique set of challenges. You need to deliver accurate and reliable weather information in a manner that grabs people’s attention in an increasingly fast-paced world.

We believe accessing and delivering weather data to prepare engaging content should be simple. Go live on any platform knowing you have the broadcast weather solutions to give viewers the specific weather information they want - -  when and where they need it.

Broadcast Weather Solutions so You’re Prepared 24/7/365

Customized - Timely - Clear

As a news organization, you need accurate, comprehensive information about the weather to deliver precise and potentially life-saving coverage to your viewers.

At Baron, we know first-hand the importance of accurate data and superior products. We were founded with a culture of innovation and Baron continues to lead the way in severe weather, climate technology and content.

Keep Audiences Coming Back with Actionable Weather Insights

Be the market leader thanks to Baron’s innovative line of products. Each one is designed to provide complete weather information, so your community stays informed about daily weather impacts, and safe in the threat of severe weather.

When You Partner with Baron You Get

  • Exclusive weather data for every climate and content so your station stands out.

  • Increased viewership and revenue.

  • Customized look for your brand.

  • A weather and traffic solution in one system.

  • Simple tools that work for any type of forecast: from daily weather to severe storms and tropical outbreaks.

  • Reliable data always available when you need it most.

  • Unrivaled 24/7/365 support.

  • High praise from viewers who are informed and safe.

Baron Lynx

Baron Lynx is the most powerful weather solution for broadcasters in the market. Packed with exclusive data and feature, Lynx allows broadcasters to deliver critical weather information and visually striking weather stories that grab viewers’ attention and establish your station as a weather leader. Baron Lynx is an easy-to-use solution and a powerful graphical engine that will enable your team to quickly produce their own captivating images for all your weather needs.

Broadcast Weather Graphics

Weather Graphics

Baron assists your meteorologists as they prepare their weathercasts faster by producing pre-packaged materials. The Baron Art Department is staffed with full-time graphic artists dedicated to creating timely graphics that help you tell visually stunning weather stories relevant to your audience.

New graphics are delivered every day, so your meteorologists always have fresh material.

Broadcast Weather Graphics
Broadcast exclusive weather data

Exclusive Weather Data

Separate your weather coverage from the competition in the critical moments with the following exclusive life-saving content only Baron provides:

  • Severe weather detection
  • Exclusive storm tracks
  • Flood prediction
  • Tropical storm surge products
  • Winter weather products
  • Road conditions
Broadcast display


Your weather coverage can look like no one else’s. Every Baron Lynx system comes with over 20 stylized mapping options that can be mixed and matched throughout a show. A variety of stunning visuals that include multiple metrocast scenes created specifically for your station set you apart from the competition.

Broadcast display
Broadcast weather model

The Baron Model

The Baron Model brings nationwide, high-resolution forecasting to your weather coverage. Stunning 3km resolution means you can cover your DMA with exclusive and accurate forecasts and move to a nationally breaking weather event with the same detail and precision. It works great for any type of forecast, including winter, severe and tropical weather.

Precision Weather Tracking

Precision Weather Tracking

Be the first to warn viewers and dominate defining moments with patented, exclusive weather content. When severe weather arrives Baron accurately defines the speed and direction of the storm cell, so you can track and display the estimated times of arrival for communities in harm’s way.

Precision Weather Tracking
Broadcast Hand Tracking

Hand Tracking

The Baron Hand Tracker gives your meteorologists the ability to maintain an on-screen connection with your audience while tracking storms or running a complete show. The easy-to-reach unobtrusive buttons allow them to pan, zoom, telestrate, storm track, switch products and change views all from the chroma key wall.

Baron Traffic

With Baron Lynx you can tell compelling traffic and weather stories from a single system. The combination of Lynx’s graphical power, integration of localized traffic cameras and a package of high-quality traffic data will allow you to deliver drive times, incident locations, live visuals and more to viewers with captivating results in an easy-to-use solution that requires little training.

New revenue opportunities from multiple advertising and sponsorship options.

Live images from more than 32,000 geo-located traffic cameras (available in over 90% of broadcast markets).

The ability to combine traffic and weather data for a more comprehensive story

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The Top 5 Things You Need to Produce a Dynamic Weather Presentation

Rely on innovative, accurate weather forecasting solutions to keep your viewers and your community safe and protected from severe weather.


Unparalleled Service and Support

At Baron, our customers are our partners, so we offer unparalleled support to ensure your success. Your staff will have access to degreed meteorologists live 24/7/365 as part of our customer success plan.

Stop stressing about producing the best weather coverage and be confident you are putting the highest quality information on air, online, and on mobile to protect your viewers and increase your revenue.

Digital Solutions

Expand your reach by connecting with viewers on every device and generate new revenue opportunities with these Baron digital tools:

Weather Apps

Connect with your audience wherever they go. With Baron’s flexible app platform for iOS and Android devices, delivering forecasts, current conditions radar imagery, and more to user’s smartphones is simple.

Web Tools

Audiences are going digital, and your website is a revenue generator. Maximize site visits, increase revenue, and retain traffic with Baron web tools that help you add fresh and continuously updated weather content to any web page instantly.

Social Media

Baron Lynx has tools that help you connect with your online audience faster and easier than ever before. Every system comes with social media capabilities built in, so you can post weather images, videos and alerts directly to Facebook and Twitter.

Automated Weather Alerts

Be the first to reach viewers when severe weather threatens with Baron automated storm tracking technology that continuously scans your DMA for threats. Your mobile users get Baron-exclusive push notifications about weather threats approaching their current location, plus any locations they’ve set up, like work, school, or the home of a loved one.

Custom Push Notifications

Create and send personalized, station-branded push notifications to users of your Baron Weather App in a specific geographic area. Separate from the app's automated alerts, these manual notifications build your station's community presence and provide a more localized experience for users.

Alert Crawl

When severe weather threatens your area, the Baron alert crawl goes into action in the blink of an eye, making you the market leader in timely weather awareness.

Radar slim

Radar Technology

A powerful way to elevate your weather coverage above the competition’s, Baron radars provide exclusive data with every sweep. Built for critical moments, your Baron radar will allow you to cover tornadic events, winter weather, hail, flooding and tropical weather with unrivaled precision. Providing faster data returns than NEXRAD and equipped with the Baron processor, your station will be the first to air with exclusive radar technology available only on your station.

Baron’s radar experts will help identify the location for the best coverage of your market. All Baron radars are dual-polarization ready and multiple configurations are available to ensure a solution is available that meets your needs.

How to Be the Market Leader in Weather Intelligence

You care about your community. Keep it safe and informed with superior weather and accurate data available around the clock.



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