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Our mission is to help you make informed weather decisions with confidence.

Weather Experts Since 1989


Tragedy Leads to Innovation

Everything changed in 1989 when an F4 tornado devastated parts of Huntsville, Alabama. Following that high-impact event, Baron Weather made it our mission to deliver life-saving meteorological tools for the moments that matter most.

Today, we are still on a mission to ensure the safety of people, organizational efficiency, and sustainability of organizations worldwide.

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Mission to Protect

Baron has reshaped the nation's perception of weather through advancements in street-level storm tracking, weather radar, and alerting innovations. Precision is our cornerstone. 

At Baron, we understand an organization's challenges to making accurate weather-related decisions that enhance efficiency and safety.

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Dedicated to Science

Our rich history of innovation drives our mission to prepare you for the impact of weather.

 Our unwavering commitment to the science of weather sets us apart. We are problem solvers, addressing safety concerns and inefficiencies with products that empower and enable better decision-making. 


Committed to Your Success

Our diverse customer base spans government agencies, emergency managers, small startups, and Fortune 500 companies that all share the common goal of safeguarding people and assets from weather impacts.  Whatever your size or mission, you are important to us.

We prioritize your needs with personalized training and proactive troubleshooting, showcasing our unwavering commitment to your satisfaction and long-term success.

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Delivering More Value Through Partnerships

Baron is pleased to collaborate with industry leaders and innovators in government, commercial, and academic weather sectors. Through these partnerships, exchanging ideas, products, and services enhances decision-making and fosters the development of life-saving technologies, ultimately contributing to the betterment of our world.

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Exclusive products from our scientists turn freely available data into precise answers on the location, timing, and impacts of weather hazards.
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Our experts can empower you to reduce risk, mitigate disruptions, and avoid the unexpected with confidence.
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