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Global Aviation Weather Services At Your Fingertips

Make informed flight planning decisions effortlessly.

Struggling to Find Trusted Aviation Weather Services?

If you’re not a weather expert, it’s challenging to determine the best weather source and data provider.

  • You’re juggling vendors and suppliers.
  • You have to convert multiple data formats.
  • You can’t find a reputable partner with a global catalog you can easily license.

We believe sourcing and implementing aviation weather services should be simple.

Aviation Weather Services from the Company that Delivered XMWX Weather to Cockpit


At Baron, we know aviation professionals are tasked with making informed flight-planning decisions. That means you need comprehensive, global, accurate weather data with flexible business terms.

For 20 years, we’ve been a trusted provider of aviation weather data, both through our innovative XMWX Satellite Weather service that delivers data directly to the cockpit, and our Baron API that enables the simple integration of data into existing aviation software and apps. We know weather, and we know aviation.

Let us help you prepare for weather challenges.

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Innovative Products For All Your
Weather Data Needs

Our products are designed to help you make informed flight planning decisions that improve decision making for improved efficiencies, cost savings and safety. Baron’s extensive global catalog of aviation products features many exclusive products.

  • Global Radar
  • Winds and Temps Aloft
  • Turbulence
  • Icing
  • Forecast Flight Rules
  • Satellite Imagery
  • Cloud Tops and Base
  • Lightning
  • Flight Cross Section
  • And much more
"Baron is the best as far as we’re concerned in creating these weather products." Andy Matthews


Director of Business

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Selecting the Ideal Weather API:
A 3-Step Guide for Optimal Aviation Operations

Rely on innovative, accurate weather forecasting tools to keep your organization safe and protected from weather threats.

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We are 100% focused on helping aviation professionals avoid risky weather. With Baron as your weather partner, you’re always prepared for any weather challenge facing your operation.

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Flight Tracking and Planning

The Baron Weather API provides an easy, efficient way for developers of flight tracking and planning services to integrate high-quality aviation weather data. Powered by AWS and featuring a RESTful architecture, the Baron Weather API is a customizable and reliable data feed that scales to the size of any organization.


Actionable, Accurate, Dynamically Displayed Aviation Weather Data

Protect your assets, improve safety, and increase revenue with our line of aviation weather forecasting tools.

  • Get the data you need at the precise moment you need it.

  • Keep pilots, airline dispatchers and other key personnel weather aware.

  • Enable pilots to make decisions in-flight based on real-time weather updates.

  • Protect your passengers, crew and assets.

  • Ensure flights arrive and depart on time.

  • Help customers plan routes ahead of time to avoid inclement weather.

  • Have a complete and accurate picture of what’s happening in the sky.

Aviation Weather Radars

For airports, aviation authorities and meteorological organizations tasked with aviation weather monitoring and forecasting, Baron offers a lineup of sophisticated Aviation Weather Radars. These systems, designed in-house and backed with our years of experience have the following capabilities:

  • Unparalleled clutter suppression.
  • Innovative calibration technologies for enhanced accuracy.
  • Remote monitoring and fault protection.
  • Options for S, C and X-band configurations.
  • Fixed, mobile and transportable designs.
  • Unique aviation specific radar products

How to be Completely Confident in Your Weather Data

Don’t put your team and customers at risk. Remain in command of every flight and every operation with the precise weather data you require at your fingertips.



Talk with an aviation weather expert.
Schedule a call with our expert team to discuss the weather data challenges facing your operation.



Select the data you want to integrate.
Customize a package of data products that will solve your organization’s weather challenges.



Stop worrying about the weather.
With Baron, you can focus on what matters most: flight planning, tracking and safety.

These Aviation Professionals Rely on Baron’s Superior Weather Intelligence

"The value to our customers of having access to Baron weather information in the live flight path is incredible." Zandri Banks


Chief Experience Officer