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Baron Lynx Release - Summer 2021

New Features and Functionality

Time zone control: A valuable addition for stations that cover multiple time zones or national broadcasters. Times can be set to automatically adjust for time zone changes in alerts, storm tracks and storm reports.

Time Zone

County names in alert marquee: The popup window now includes county names.

Warning polygon color fills: Alert polygons can now color fill on the map, opposed to only an outline. The fill color and opacity are customizable.

Warning county names and fill

Other Baron Lynx Enhancements:

  • Storm identities will not display in the SCIT infobox as a default setting
  • Numerical values display when scrubbing through the opacity on the color palette
  • Enhanced search functionality searches all sequence and frame folders in your entire system
  • Grid folder view that allows the expansion of folders and subfolders on one screen
  • Smooth transitions from studio frames into map frames. Lynx now uses the camera frame as a starting point, preventing the “zoom from space.”
  • Shapable ocean layer in a studio frame
  • Copy and paste raised region keyframes
  • Easier designation of panic frames
  • Faster updates to NHC tropical advisories
  • Higher frequency ASOS updates from most airports

Tropical Products

NHC Wind Probabilities
Data Product Group: Composite>Tropical
Time Step: As issued by NHC

Expand your coverage of tropical conditions with wind probabilities issued by the National Hurricane Center (NHC). This product covers the entire Atlantic and Pacific basins and includes wind probability swaths for tropical storm strength winds, 50-knot winds, and hurricane-strength winds.

Wind Probabilities

GEFS Wave Heights
Forecast Model: GEFSWAVES
Time Step: 30 minutes
Resolution Available: 27km

A global forecast of ocean wave heights caused by swells and winds. This model runs 4 times a day and forecasts 10 days out. This is a valuable product for delivering a more complete picture of a tropical cyclone’s impact.

GEFS Wave Heights with Pixel Query

WPC Day 1-3 Excessive Rainfall Outlook
Data Product Group: Composite>Hydrology
Time Step: As issued by the WPC

This product from the Weather Prediction Center identifies areas that could receive excessive rainfall over the next 1-3 days, potentially resulting in flooding.

WPC Excessive Rainfall Outlook

Air Quality

New Baron AQI Model
Forecast Model: BARONAQI
Time Step: 15 minutes
Resolution Available: 15km

This exclusive model provides a 5-day Air Quality Index forecast derived from ozone and particulate matter data. This forecast, which is especially valuable in fire season, classifies air quality as Good, Moderate, Sensitive Groups, Unhealthy, Very Unhealthy, Hazardous.

Other products in the model include hourly and daily ozone forecasts, hourly and daily particulate matter forecasts, and an hourly visible range forecast.

The hourly products animate. The daily products display snapshots that occur at 18z of each day for every model run.


Current Air Quality
Data Product Group: Composite>Currents
Time Step: 30 minutes
Resolution Available: 2km

This includes three products from the EPA depicting current ozone, particulate matter, and combined total air quality at the surface.

Current Air Quality