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Baron Lynx - Summer and Tropical 2020 Release

This release contains 2 new storm surge products. This video provides a comparison of the products to help you understand when they can best be used. Complete release notes are below.

Storm Surge

Potential Storm Surge (Via the National Hurricane Center)
Data Product Group: Baron API
Update Period: Every 6 hours

NHC Potential Storm Surge forecasts the potential depth of surge above ground level at a resolution as high as 30 meters. Issuance will typically be within 48 hours of tropical storm force winds reaching land. NHC Potential Storm Surge forecasts are only available for sections of a coastline being impacted by a storm. This is a reasonable worst-case scenario, with the values being representative of only a 10% chance of surge exceeding that forecast height above ground level.

Storm Surge 2

Qrisq Storm Surge
Data Product Group: Tropical
Update Period: Every 6 hours

The Qrisq Storm Surge product forecasts the potential depth of surge above ground level at a resolution of 1km. This forecast is based off the ADCIRC Ocean Circulation Model, which takes a multitude of considerations into account, including a high-resolution model wind field. Qrisq Storm Surge forecasts are issued 5 days in advance of landfall and will cover the entire U.S. Gulf and Atlantic coastlines. You must display the Qrisq logo when using this product. The Qrisq logo will be added to your Graphics>Logos folder in Lynx during the upgrade.

qrisq (site)

This chart provides a further comparison of the NHC Storm Surge and Qrisq storm surge products.

 Parameter  NHC Storm Surge  Qrisq Storm Surge
 Forecast Initiation  48 hours prior to landfall  5 days prior to landfall
 Update Frequency  Every 6 hours  Every 6 hours
 Domain  Select basin near NHC   forecast landfall  Entire U.S. Atlantic and  Gulf coastlines
 Track Input  NHC  NHC
 Wind Inputs  Pressure derived wind   inputs within the SLOSH   domain through 3 days  600k data points at 15-   minute time steps through 5 days
 Display Resolution  As high as 30 meters  1km
 Surge Height  Maximum surge possible   above ground level  Maximum surge possible   above ground level

API Products

Lynx now has the capability to display high-resolution products from the Baron API. To load Baron API data in Lynx, select the data dropdown menu under the Creation tab, select Baron API, and choose the product you want to use. Products delivered via the Baron API cannot be modified.

Global Tropical Track Forecasts
Data Product Group: Baron API
Update Period: As issued

Tropical storm tracks from the National Hurricane Center and the Joint Typhoon Warning Center that will be valuable for monitoring tropical events outside of the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Forecasts are for a tropical cyclone’s path and intensity for the next 5 days.

Global Tropical Fan

Wet Bulb Globe Temperature 
Data Product Group: Baron API
Update Period: Every 20 minutes
Resolution: 10km

A current view of Wet Bulb Globe Temperature. This product is closely related to heat index and useful for determining the impact high temperatures could have on human health as well as industries such as agriculture.

Wet Bulb Globe Temps

UV Index Forecast
Data Product Group: Baron API
Time Step: 1 hour
Update Period: Once a day
Resolution: 54km

A global 120-hour forecast for surface UV Index. The forecast updates once a day and has time steps of 1 hour for a 120-hour forecast. The UV Index is an international standard measurement of the strength of sunburn producing ultraviolet radiation.

UV Index

Hi-Res Road Conditions 
Data Product Group: Baron API
Update Period: Every hour
Resolution: 1km

Near real-time road conditions at 1km resolution that includes flooded, slippery, patchy ice, ice, snow, and heavy snow conditions.

API Road Conditions

NHC Data

Hurricane and Tropical Wind Speed Probabilities 
Forecast Model: NHC
Update Times: Every 6 hours

Probabilities for hurricane wind speeds, tropical storm wind speeds, and 50-knot wind speeds are available to create animations for periods up to 120 hours. The data comes directly from the National Hurricane Center and is valuable for determining the likelihood of these events. This data will only be available when there are active tropical systems.


Baron Model Data

Baron Model 15k Wind Gusts
Forecast Model: BARONMODEL15K
Atmospheric Level: Surface
Resolutions Available: 15km
Time Step: 15 minutes

Wind gust data is now available in the Baron 15k model. This data will be most valuable during tropical activity or any severe weather event.

15KM Wind Gust