Extreme Weather Index is the Industry's First-of-its-kind

Baron Weather, the world leader in superior weather intelligence and technology, has launched a first-of-its-kind, global tool to assess risk for varied types of weather over a duration of time. Baron's newest solution, Extreme Weather Index, enables businesses and governments to make better weather-related decisions as far as 16 days before a major weather event. By identifying the potential magnitude of impact for a future weather occurrence, the index provides insights to assist global organizations in measuring and adapting to climate change, all via an easy-to-understand format, without requiring a staff meteorologist to interpret the information.

As severe weather events become more common and destructive around the globe, in part due to our changing climate, monitoring and preparing for these perils has become monumental, even for large organizations with trained staff. The Extreme Weather Index uses high-resolution worldwide modeling to assist in planning for highly disruptive or out-of-the-norm weather events.

The Index is unique because it assesses how atypical the weather threat is from global historical norms on a simple impact-based scale. The groundbreaking Extreme Weather Index identifies high winds, large hail, heavy rain or snow, and extreme temperatures. Local climatology is considered for context and potential impact where applicable and where appropriate.

"The index delivers very actionable, impactful, and easy to understand information," said Baron Weather President and CEO Bob Dreisewerd. "The product ensures users are aware of upcoming extreme weather events so they can take appropriate action. The solution indicates when temperatures, winds, or heavy precipitation may cause safety, health, infrastructure, or power issues."

With updates at least four times daily, the Baron Extreme Weather Index will assist professionals in government and private sector entities to quickly assess incoming weather events - and place them in context on their localized severity. Even those with little or no meteorological training can access this technology easily and begin planning for impacts as much as 16 days in advance for any area across the globe.

Weather data gleaned from this groundbreaking technology can be integrated and viewed in Baron's visualization platforms then made available as a layer in Esri's platform. For a demonstration of this new technology, contact us.