Baron Weather Inc., the worldwide leader in superior weather intelligence, just announced a suite of datasets targeted at identifying weather perils in Australia with the added benefit of a historical data archive. To accomplish this, Baron leveraged its decades of expertise in radar technology with their intelligent integration of weather data – including in-situ observations and high-resolution numerical weather prediction modeling.

The data is a graphical set of products that identify climate impacts commonly experienced in Australia and are necessary for insurance companies to evaluate risk and analyze claims. The Australian data set is available for essential observations, major perils, and historical review. The following products are available:

  • Storm Tops
  • Precipitation Rate
  • Hail Size and Location
  • Wind Speed and Gusts
  • Flood Potential – 6-hour
  • Severe Weather Threats

Of particular note, the 6-hour flood potential applies a unique blend of global climatology, ground saturation, and Baron’s proprietary radar-derived rainfall accumulations with ongoing rainfall to determine the threat of flooding. The Severe Weather Threats is a powerful visual of three critical perils to enhance the determination of possible damage from winds, hail, and flooding. The historical archive allows users to reflect on weather impacts and pinpoint locations affected. This data is generated in near-real time and can be created anywhere in the world where radar and observation data are available.

The new suite of datasets identify weather perils in Australia with the benefit of a historical archive.

The offering, arriving just as the continent’s severe weather season begins, means insurance companies serving Australia will have access to weather data they could not typically get for local threats. Information gleaned from the radar-generated solution will mean better business efficiency and a faster claims process for insurance companies serving the area.

“Despite the differences in weather data types, quality, and availability from country to country, Baron has developed a common framework that utilizes the most widely available weather data as input, allowing us to create unique weather data products where they didn’t previously exist,” said Bob Dreisewerd, President and CEO.

Available for distribution through the Baron Weather API, the data to identify weather perils in Australia is easily paired with your custom mapping and location data to determine the impact on your operations.