Baron, the worldwide provider of critical weather intelligence, announces enhancements to the Baron Threat Net application, a weather monitoring and forecasting tool for public safety, featuring operations center and mobile and web-based accessibility.

The improvements to Baron Threat Net are to its Lightning Proximity Alerting feature. Now, in addition to the standard lighting alerts that notify users of lightning strikes within 15 miles of their marked location, Baron has added an alert any time lightning strikes are 5, 8, 10, or 12 miles from a saved alert location. The user can also set an “all clear” alert once 30 minutes have passed since the last strike. Like before, users can receive these lightning proximity reports as a pop-up on the Threat Net-Map, as a text message, or in an e-mail.

Another new and essential feature of the new Threat Net Lightning Proximity Alerts is that the new, closer proximity alerts now conform to the NCAA lightning alerting policy for sporting events.

These enhanced lightning alerts will be online in January. The next time you visit Baron Threat Net, the lightning alerts will be ready. Just so you know, to receive the new signals, you will need to enable them in the alert type settings for each saved alert location.

To start:

  1. Click one of your saved alert locations on the map.
  2. Click “Edit Location”.
  3. Next, click “Alert Types”.
  4. You will find lighting alerts within the Severe Weather Alerts category. Enable the ones you want.
  5. Once saved, don’t forget to adjust the radius of your Alert Rings to match the distance chosen for your new lightning alert.