Company Leaders Forge Alliance to Enhance Global Community Safety

GEO Jobe, a Geographic Information System (GIS) software and geospatial solutions provider based in Gulfport, Miss., is announcing a new partnership with Baron Weather, a weather technology company out of Huntsville, Ala. The collaboration emerged from both organizations’ desire to take customer service to the next level by offering clients access to geospatial and weather-related resources, data, and technologies they might not otherwise have discovered.

Both tech companies are partners in the Esri Partner Network (EPN), a global ecosystem of organizations established to help users around the world utilize the benefits of Esri's ArcGIS software, location intelligence solutions, and mapping tools. GEO Jobe has been designing software for ArcGIS users for more than two decades and just last year advanced to Platinum Partner status within the EPN, representing its high level of alignment with the global industry leader.

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“This partnership is a significant win for GEO Jobe and Baron customers. With overlapping clientele in various industries, the collaboration allows for the seamless integration of services,” says Baron Weather’s Vice President of Enterprise Sales Marc Krasner. “For Baron customers seeking ArcGIS apps and solutions, GEO Jobe’s expertise can help them augment their existing infrastructure or extend it through their organization. Similarly, GEO Jobe’s clients needing top-tier weather data can receive the best-in-class intelligence to master weather-related challenges and ensure the safety and efficiency of their operations, thus reinforcing their competitive edge. So, this partnership creates a mutually beneficial scenario for all customers involved.”

GEO Jobe's extensive customer base, which includes a diverse array of organizations within Baron's target demographic, sets the stage for a strategic collaboration. By actively engaging with these shared clients, Baron aims to equip them with crucial weather data necessary for adeptly navigating severe weather events, climate impacts and other hazardous conditions. This proactive approach ensures the safety of their personnel, assets, and business operations,

Aligning with GEO Jobe's philosophy, which emphasizes the positive impact of business on communities, the partnership with Baron Weather signifies a shared commitment to community advancement. Leveraging their combined resources and expertise, GEO Jobe and Baron Weather are poised to make an even more significant and positive impact on a global scale.

“Baron Weather is a company that has my respect and admiration. I am very excited for the possibilities unlocked by this partnership. I know that they bring the same excellent level of care and quality to their customers as we do to ours. Accordingly, I strongly believe GEO Jobe’s clients will benefit immensely from accessing Baron Weather’s data offerings,” says GEO Jobe CEO David Hansen.

“The power of the partner ecosystem goes well beyond a partner’s direct relationship to Esri; it is greatly enhanced by the synergies created between partners in the program,” says Richard Cooke, Esri Director of Global Business Development. “It is exciting to see the impact of GIS grow exponentially through the collaboration of partners such as Baron Weather and GEO Jobe.”

Left to Right: Eric Goforth, GEO Jobe's Chief Technology Officer, CEO David Hansen shaking hands with Baron Weather VP of Enterprise Sales, Marc Krasner, Chief Operations Officer Danny Menikheim, and Chief Support Officer Courtney Menikheim.