Baron, the worldwide leader in critical weather intelligence, working closely with Baron’s in-country partner Mazzak, a sister company of JMI group, announced that the Bangladesh Air Force will purchase one additional Baron 350,000-watt C-Band Dual Polarization radars. 

This radar is of the Gen 3 series produced by Baron. The radar will be placed on the Air Force bases located in Chittagong. The benefit of having a dual polarization radar is in its ability to it analyze hydrometeor returns in a cross-section, retrieving accurate precipitation measurements. This radar will help expand the Bangladesh Air Force’s network and strengthen Baron’s relationship with Bangladesh and its Air Force.

Engineered specifically for mission-critical weather applications, the new Baron system contains innovative components that ensure improved accuracy, data quality, and performance for more precise weather detection. This includes exclusive CLEAN-AP™ clutter suppression technology licensed from the University of Oklahoma. CLEAN-AP™ will provide superior ground clutter suppression, delivering a far more accurate view of radar data by optimally and dynamically adapting the suppression process to the ground clutter environment.

Additionally, the radar will include new Baron-patented automatic radar calibration, derived from the calibration work Baron performed for the U.S. National Weather Service (NWS). This radial-by-radial ZDR calibration method provides reliable and continuous network-wide calibration during any weather condition with less maintenance and on-site expertise required. The radar solution will include additional radar products for aviation applications such as hydrologic 1-hour Storm Total Accumulation, Echo Tops and Hail, display of Wind Shear, 2-hour future radar forecasting, and SCITs (Storm Cell and Identification Tracks).

There will also be a variety of display and system integrations, including four Baron Lynx display workstations, integration of METAR sensor data, and a mobile web application to display a combined image from both the Jessore (site of the original Baron installation) and Chittagong radars.

The Baron Gen3 radar series also combines Baron’s years of innovation in processing radar data with enhanced signal processing and receiver technology.

“Baron is committed to providing outstanding service to the Bangladesh Air Force. We look forward to helping them expand their network and increase their access to real-time weather information for improved flight safety,” said Bob Baron Jr., Executive Vice President.  Over the years, the Air Force has responded to many severe weather emergencies, including a devastating cyclonic storm in Chittagong (1991) and an earthquake in Gujrat, India (2001). This new radar will be able to aid the Air Force in critical weather intelligence for the years to come.