Baron Weather, Inc. the worldwide provider of critical weather intelligence, announces its new partnership with Team Rubicon, a nonprofit that utilizes the skills and experiences of military veterans and first responders to deploy emergency response teams rapidly. Baron provides Team Rubicon with professional weather forecasting and monitoring tools through its product. 

Key features allow users to pinpoint weather hazards by location, track storms, view forecasts, and set up custom alerts, including Baron exclusive location-based Pinpoint Alerting and standard National Weather Service (NWS) alerts.

Baron’s Threat Net suite is unmatched in the public safety and weather monitoring space. Threat Net incorporates three easy ways to track inclement weather: web portal, custom alerts, and mobile app capability. The fully-featured web portal weather monitoring system provides street-level views and can layer numerous data products. Threat Net also offers a mobile companion application for iOS and Android, allowing access to real-time weather monitoring on the go.

Team Rubicon’s primary mission is to provide relief to those affected by natural disasters in the U.S. and abroad. By engaging veterans, Team Rubicon provides a renewed sense of purpose, community, and identity. The organization was founded by military veterans who realized the skills that saved lives on the battlefield — emergency medicine, risk assessment and mitigation, teamwork, and decisive leadership — are invaluable in disaster zones. Baron’s Threat Net product will give Team Rubicon another powerful tool to aid them in their mission to serve communities in need.

Since our founding in 2010, Team Rubicon has responded to more than 275 disasters worldwide. Partnering with Baron enables our team to monitor and evaluate severe weather with greater accuracy and efficiency, as we continue to scale our ability to respond.

-- William Porter, Team Rubicon Operational Manager

Important features of that will be invaluable to Team Rubicon’s efforts include desktop computers, operations displays, tablets, phones, and smart watch accessibility; high resolution, fully customizable mapping, which allows for severe weather monitoring down to street level; user-friendly navigation allowing for easy point-and-click data capture; a full-screen interactive mode which provides unmatched visualization and enables users to quickly scan, monitor, and investigate all weather threats on a single screen; and detailed data and visual monitoring on precipitation and forecasted road conditions and hazards, an exclusive Baron product featuring data on severe weather threats such as damaging winds, hail, and flooding.

Baron Meteorologist briefs Team Rubicon team during Hurricane Florence.
Baron Meteorologist Dan Gallagher briefs Team Rubicon team during Hurricane Florence.

“Baron Weather is pleased to provide Team Rubicon with the industry's highest resolution forecast and weather detection tools,” stated Glen Denny, President of Enterprise Solutions. “Our mission of protecting people and assets matches TR’s mission of helping those affected by adverse conditions. Baron’s decades-long history of serving first responders continues with our service to the men and women who serve through Team Rubicon.”