Baron Weather, Inc. is pleased to announce that Sherman Wilcox has been named Chief Development Officer. Wilcox has been with Baron for nearly 20 years, previously serving as the Software Development Manager, where his vision and direction led to the development of many of Baron’s most pioneering software products.

Wilcox will leverage his product development expertise, industry foresight, and understanding of customer needs to push Baron’s continued strategic development of new weather analytics and display solutions, weather radar systems, and advanced modeling solutions that will allow organizations to solve weather problems with critical insights.

“Sherman has continually demonstrated exceptional technical acumen, foresight, and leadership that have led to many innovative software products; his new role will allow him to extend this to all Baron development initiatives,” said Baron CEO Bob Dreisewerd.

“As CDO, I want to focus on assessing market needs for all industries impacted by weather and climate, then meeting and exceeding those needs with technology that continues to push the envelope and paves the way for Baron’s future success,” said Wilcox. “I look forward to working closely with Bob Dreisewerd to advance all of Baron’s strategic initiatives.”

In his time at Baron, Sherman has spearheaded the development of many products, leading to the company establishing itself as the global leader in innovative weather technology. Under Wilcox’s leadership, the company successfully released Baron Lynx, a weather visualization and analysis software with real-time imagery of weather and radar data, high-resolution global mapping systems, and more. Wilcox and his team also developed the powerful Baron Weather API, a highly scalable, cloud-based dissemination network that reliably delivers weather data to end-users through a seamless integration into existing software platforms.

Wilcox has a B.S. degree in Computer Science from State College Connecticut.