Former WISH-TV meteorologist Ken Brewer has joined the Baron team to strengthen the company’s industry-leading customer support further, following the recent addition of traffic to the Lynx display system. As a Weather/Traffic Integration Specialist, he’ll work alongside our top-notch teams to make Baron Lynx an even stronger force in weather and traffic coverage, from efficient installation to a successful launch.

“For years, I said that Baron would be the only company that I would leave broadcasting for,” Ken says. “I was a Baron client for years, so I saw first-hand the quality of their products, their commitment to weather safety, and the desire to make their clients the best in their markets.”

Bringing Weather and Traffic Together

Ken Brewer and several other Baron Weather employees attend tradeshow for broadcasters.

Weather brings a new dimension to traffic coverage, and the opposite is true. “I think we have seen for years how many times weather and traffic go hand and hand,” Ken says. “Often, inclement weather can lead to traffic snarls. Even sunshine at the right level can cause traffic issues. I think the technology that we will provide traffic anchors and meteorologists with the launch of Baron Traffic will help tell the complete weather/traffic story with not only how the weather is impacting traffic now but how it can do so in the hours ahead.”

And while the road ahead isn’t always easy to discern, one trend Ken sees continuing is even closer integration of weather and traffic. “I think in the years ahead we’ll continue to see even tighter blending of weather and traffic. We’ll be working to make sure both meteorologists and traffic anchors have the best information for people to get where they need to go safely.”

A Passion for Weather

For Ken, meteorology is a lifelong pursuit. “I grew up in the Midwest. As a young boy, I was fascinated by cloud and weather patterns and the region's wild weather,” he says. “When I was in 2nd grade, a TV meteorologist visited my school for a talk. That sealed the deal for me; I knew that weather would be my career!”

After graduating from Florida State University with a B.S. in Meteorology/Atmospheric Science in 1995, Ken landed his first weather job as a staff meteorologist at Miami’s WFOR-TV. After gaining a few years of experience and earning his AMS Seal of Approval, he ended up at WISH-TV in Indianapolis in 2000, where he’d worked every type of weather and traffic shift during his 17½ years at the station.

“I chose Baron for my next career move because I feel that this company believes in the same thing. I believe that the most important role of a broadcast meteorologist is to help protect life and property. From Day 1, that has been Baron's mission, so I think it is a great fit, and I am honored to be a part of a great team of professionals that work towards that goal.”