Seattle Avionics is a leader in flight information software. Since its founding in 2002, it has developed a suite of products that deliver critical information to pilots, making it safer and easier for them to fly. Weather data can be some of the most vital information for ensuring aircraft safety during all stages of a flight.

Seattle Avionics is now delivering its highest quality weather information yet to customers by integrating Baron weather data into its FlyQ EFB product through an API. FlyQ EFB is an aviation app that integrates various data necessary for flying onto one screen.

Users can now get a clear picture of current and forecasted weather conditions at different altitudes, locations, and times throughout the flight. The data will help them plan the optimal route to ensure the safety of everyone on board. Weather data ranging from icing potential to lightning can be turned on and off as a visible layer at the user’s discretion.

To best meet the needs of its customers, Seattle Avionics selected the following Baron data products to create an optimal solution:

  • Current Icing Potential
  • Turbulence
  • Cumulus Cloud Tops & Base
  • Lightning
  • Surface Analysis (Nationwide)
  • High-Res North American Radar
  • Nationwide Future Radar

Baron has an extensive catalog that features more than 40 weather data products for aviation. All our partners have the flexibility to choose solutions tailored to their specific needs.