Staying ahead of nature’s fury is never dull. With growing impacts from changes in our climate, technology – especially radars – has become the real game-changer. Weather Radars act as the eyes and ears for meteorologists, providing critical information that helps save lives, protect property, and enable better decision-making in various sectors.

Weather radars indeed “are the most effective tool for assessing meteorological conditions and providing superior weather intelligence,” according to the article “Transmitting Accurate Intelligencewithin The Varysian Guide,* Issue 2 – 2023. Yet, as this article by Baron Weather, Vice President of Integrated Weather Systems, points out, “choosing the best radar for your entity or country’s needs is no easy feat.”

Some key elements need to be carefully considered, such as:

Read the article to learn more about these factors and how Baron’s high-precision weather radars are available in multiple configurations so that every organization can find the best solution.

Cover of Varysian Guide Issue 2 in 2023 with quote

*The Varysian Guide, Hydrometeorology, is a reference guide covering news on recent projects, initiatives, and new technology within the global meteorological community. The publication aims to enhance partnerships and collaboration between National Meteorological & Hydrological Services and other industry stakeholders and support capacity building in the developing world.