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Effective and Reliable Weather Technology For Your Country

Confidently analyze, interpret and predict the weather with reliable, early-warning weather technology.

Your Weather Forecasts are Only as Good as Your Weather Technology

Meteorologists and atmospheric researchers need reliable equipment to deliver accurate forecasts and effective warnings in response to weather and climate impacts. When communities are in the path of destructive weather, time and precision are critical. Relying on insufficient, inferior, or outdated weather detection and forecasting technology can have tragic consequences.

Funding and implementing an advanced weather infrastructure can be challenging.

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Prepare for Operational Challenges Triggered by Inclement Weather
Weather Technology Tailored to your Needs

Relying on insufficient, inferior, or outdated weather detection and forecasting technology hinders your ability to serve your communities. Citizens of any nation deserve to have modern and effective weather technology in place to mitigate the impact of weather and climate disasters. Meteorologists deserve to have reliable, operational equipment that is sustainable.

With a history of innovation and a global presence, we help you prepare for the unique challenges weather poses in your area with the latest radar technology, accurate weather models and actionable weather intelligence.

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Weather Radar

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Every Baron radar system is built to the highest standards of accuracy, precision, and durability. Baron radars come standard with exclusive calibration and clutter suppression technology. Our best-in-class radar support team is available 24/7/365.

If you're wondering which radar is best for your needs, be sure to download our helpful resource A Guide for Selecting Weather Radar for Specific Environments and Applications.

Systems Features:

  • Fixed C-band
  • Mobile X-band
  • Transportable C-band
  • S-Band
  • Magnetron and Klystron
  • Radial-by-radial ZDR calibration
  • Patent pending ClearScan machine learning clutter mitigation technology
  • Automated performance monitoring
  • Superior CLEAN-AP™ clutter suppression through an exclusive agreement with Oklahoma University
  • Open data architecture
  • Flexibility and customization
  • Dual-polarization as standard option
  • Single user interface for radar operations
  • Software digitizes the signal behind the antenna
  • Remote monitoring and 24/7 support
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Download Your Free eBook

A Guide for Selecting Weather Radar for Specific Environments and Applications

Rely on innovative, accurate weather forecasting tools to keep your community safe and protected from threatening weather.

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Be Resilient When Hazardous Weather Strikes Your Country
Build Public Trust and Confidence

With the right tools, you can confidently monitor impending weather threats and quickly alert and safeguard the public.
When you partner with Baron, you get:

  • Essential tools and custom applications.

  • Pinpoint accuracy of all weather impacts.

  • Access to cutting-edge weather detection technology.

  • Customer support 24/7/365 from Baron meteorologist and radar technicians.

  • Weather information tailored to your needs.

  • Exclusive alerting capabilities.

Let us solve your weather challenges so you can provide the public with detailed, precise forecasts.

With Baron's superior weather solutions, you’ll have superior weather awareness that enables you to make informed decisions that can save lives and protect property.

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Weather Modeling Systems

As the leader in high resolution meteorological modeling, Baron offers modeling that enhances your forecasting knowledge and provides greater detail than global model output. In many cases Baron can host the model or support your agency running the model. Baron models include:

  • Numerical Weather Prediction
  • Hydrometeorological Models
  • Air Quality Models
  • Roadway Weather Conditions
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Weather Display and Tracking

Simultaneously view and analyze data from your entire meteorological network, including radars, sensors, models and more, with the easy-to-use Baron Lynx Advanced Forecaster Workstations. Precision pathcasting enables you to easily determine the properties of a storm, so they can communicate its severity and time of arrival for local communities. Allows you to develop high quality weather graphics and images for your community.

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Data Integration

Our versatile architecture enables integration of a wide variety of meteorological technologies, including radar and automated weather sensors, numerical weather prediction, and hydrological modeling. Our data management tools can handle all types of weather: flood prediction, tornado detection, hail tracking, winter weather and tropical outbreaks.

Dependable Weather Intelligence and Forecasting Tools

Our expansive data integration and precision information generate real-time decision-making solutions and enhanced life-saving capabilities for military and government agencies.

  • Better detection of flooding, precipitation, hail, and other disastrous weather events.
  • More-in-depth real-time analysis of current conditions.
  • Higher quality data to initialize your numerical weather prediction models, resulting in more accurate forecasting.
  • More effective early warning systems.
  • Built in calibration improves reliability and reduces labor costs.

3 Steps to Creating the Most Effective Weather Organization

Don’t take unnecessary risks with the weather. Get superior weather solutions to minimize economic loss and keep the public safe.

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Talk with an expert.
Schedule a call with our expert team to discuss the weather challenging facing your organization.



Get a roadmap of weather solutions.
We’ll make sure you have exactly what you need for your specific requirements. Baron has established relationships with financial organization that can help fund your weather projects.



Do what you do best.
With Baron as your partner, rest assured you have the weather technology and accurate data to deliver timely forecasts and warnings.

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