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Baron, iFlightPlanner and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Partner to Deliver Aviation Weather Data

API puts Weather Data Directly in the Hands of Pilots


Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) members now have access to weather data from Baron thanks to a new tool developed by iFlightPlanner. AOPA is an aviation organization that offers its members a variety of services and benefits, including a web-based flight planner that helps members efficiently and safely plan their flights. The organization recently upgraded the tool through a partnership with iFlightPlanner. The customized solution iFlightPlanner designed for AOPA provides pilots with information vital to flying, including aeronautical charts, and weather, airspace, fuel, and airport services data. The web-based flight planner tool offers easy access to the data on a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

The weather data is critical for pilots. They are required to be familiar with weather reports and forecasts before taking off. iFlightPlanner selected Baron as its weather data provider. Baron has extensive experience in the aviation industry. In 2003, it began providing weather data for the XM WX Satellite Service. Baron currently offers an extensive catalog of more than 40 weather data products designed for aviation.

Through an API, iFlightPlanner integrated a customized selection of Baron weather data products into the AOPA web-based flight planner. Baron radar and infrared satellite imagery can be displayed as a visual layer on the map, giving pilots a clear picture to the conditions they will encounter on their route, so they can plan accordingly.

“iFlightPlanner is excited to extend our long-standing relationship with Baron and introduce new Baron products into our web and iOS-based flight planning features. This includes our newest version, iFlightPlanner for AOPA,” said John Burnside, the Co-founder and Director of Technology at iFlightPlanner. “Baron’s team was fantastic to work with in preparing for the traffic increase we anticipated, and their API handled it seamlessly.”

The Baron Weather API allows for simple integration of high-quality weather data into software, websites and apps. The company’s fast and reliable data feed is backed by a scalable network that can handle large demands of data. All Baron partners and customers have the flexibility to choose a customized package of weather products tailored to their specific needs.

The Baron products iFlightPlanner selected for integration into the AOPA web-based flight planner are:

  • High Res GOES West Visible Satellite
  • High Res GOES West IR Satellite
  • High Res North American Radar 2