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Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport Upgrades Weather Radar with New Baron Components

Monitoring typhoons and inclement weather is key to the airport’s daily operation

Baron, the worldwide leader in critical weather intelligence, working closely with Mitel Broadband Co., Ltd., announce that we have been selected to provide upgrades to the existing Baron radar that has served the Taiwan airport for over 15 years. The airport will take delivery of two Baron 350,000-watt C-band magnetron transmitters and a new antenna. The dual transmitters provide a hot-redundant back-up system which provides an immediate switch-over function to ensure continuous operation.

Taoyuan International Airport is both the world’s tenth-busiest international passenger airport with over 42 million passengers, and the sixth-busiest in terms of international freight traffic. The airport moves over 2.1 billion kg (4.6 billion pounds) of cargo. Operationally the radar is used to monitor for inclement weather and typhoons, and there’s good reason. Super typhoon Nesat disrupted air travel when all arriving and departing flights were cancelled in July 2017. In July of 2016, the airport took preemptive measures to ensure that the facility did not flood due to super typhoon Nepartak.  A super typhoon is equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane in the Atlantic basin.

“Baron is pleased to have been selected along with our partner Mitel to perform this upgrade, and we look forward to this solution serving the Taoyuan airport’s meteorological needs for another 15 years or more,” said Bob Baron, Jr., Executive Vice President. Baron continues to engineer and develop new radar technologies for use in real-world operational settings delivering clients with solutions to enhance decision making and deliver critical weather intelligence.