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Our Story

We know you need accurate information about the weather to make informed decisions. But it isn't always easy to know who provides the best solution.

At Baron, we know how difficult it can be to integrate and utilize weather data and technology in a way that benefits your organization. With a rich history of innovation, we can help you prepare for the challenges weather brings to your operation with the most actionable, accurate, dynamically displayed weather data.


Everything changed during the early days of the company when an F4 tornado devastated parts of Huntsville, Alabama in 1989. Following that high-impact event, the company had a new mission: delivering life-saving meteorological tools for those moments when it matters most.

Since then, we have changed the way the country sees weather with our advancements in street-level storm tracking, weather radar and alerting innovations. Precision matters most in everything we do. Baron technology allows weather professionals to ensure improved safety, while helping private industry achieve increased efficiency and revenue through accurate weather-related decision making.

We offer a consultative sales approach to guide you through the process. Working with us is simple: You’ll talk with an expert to discuss what problems weather poses to your operation and how data can help alleviate those. Then, we’ll make sure you get the weather solution you need that meets your requirements and solves your weather challenges.

If you're ready to implement a superior weather solution that delivers accurate and actionable data, then talk to one of our Baron experts. With Baron as your partner, you’ll be equipped to make informed decisions for your organization that will protect your assets, improve safety and efficiencies, and increase revenue.

Are you ready to prepare a dynamic weather presentation, protect your communities, improve safety and efficiences, or increase revenue?