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Tools for Before, During, and After a Severe Weather Event

example of real time weather alerts and data on multiple devices

In anticipation of any severe weather event, having timely, location-specific information can make all the difference in your decision-making abilities. But between ever-changing forecasts and hard-to-predict conditions, the information you need in order to plan ahead isn’t always accessible, let alone accurate. 

With access to the right tools and data, it’s easier to predict, plan, and prepare for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. That’s where Baron Weather can help. 

At Baron, we deliver critical weather intelligence in an easy-to-read format so that you can make effective decisions regarding the weather quickly and with ease. Our products focus on the most critical weather impacts and they can be seamlessly integrated with existing decision support applications. So whether you’re planning ahead or mitigating real-time risks, our products give 24/7 accurate, detailed coverage on everything from weather observations to road conditions. Plus, you can monitor a changing situation in real-time or up to one week out. 

With access to easy-to-understand weather analysis, you’ll be able to confidently interpret and monitor weather threats and keep the public safe from harm’s way. 

An incredible Supercell Thunderstorm on the great plains in Montana, USA

Approaching a Severe Weather Event

During a severe weather event, emergency responders and event-goers shouldn’t have to worry about interpreting the science. It’s much more practical for planning purposes to use resources that present weather data in a simple manner that anyone can understand, allowing you to confidently approach challenging weather conditions without being a meteorologist. 

Partnering with Baron means gaining access to actionable insights to help you plan ahead during a severe weather event and to prepare for potential hazards. Below we’ll highlight our best tools to help you navigate a severe weather event and when to use them. 


If your area is anticipating a severe weather event, monitoring the forecast beforehand is crucial for your preparedness. Baron recommends two general tools for communicating severe weather information early, clearly, and efficiently so you can quickly identify and respond to weather threats.

First is the Storm Prediction Center Outlooks, specially developed to categorize the risks for thunderstorm activity on a given day. Second is the Baron exclusive US Forecast Precipitation model, which gives information on the location and intensity of rain over the next 60 hours. 

If you live somewhere prone to hurricanes, though, we also have tools specifically for such an event. The Baron Hurricane Index provides a great evaluation of the probability of hurricane development. Once a hurricane makes landfall there is an increased potential for tornado development. The Baron Shear Detection tools provide advanced warning and location specificity warning of these hurricane-spawned tornadic events.  These tools are designed with public safety professionals in mind so you can keep citizens prepared and safe. 

During and After 

Once a critical weather event is underway, identifying a storm’s intensity is everything. Additionally, you should be able to monitor changing conditions to adjust your action plan as necessary. 

For monitoring the exact location and intensity of extreme weather, we recommend using a combination of Baron’s Super-Resolution Radar Reflectivity and Lightning. However, in the case of a possible tornado, there’s an added layer of protection by being able to identify where rotation might be occurring within a storm by monitoring the Baron Critical Weather Indicators. With these products combined, you can take your safety measures a step further by pinpointing where a tornado is threatening your area. 

Meanwhile, to monitor for the potential of damage, the Baron Severe Threats can help you see where a storm is most intense. This tool provides information on the overall intensity of the storm while simultaneously displaying areas of probable damaging winds, heavy rains and hail. When paired with Local Storm Reports and Lightning, you can even monitor where damage has been reported in your area. 

The Baron Storm Tracks is another real-time resource and provides hyper-local and time of arrival information. The Baron Storm Tracks display data as color-coded arrows which provide the speed and direction of severe weather, including high winds, hail, and possible tornadoes.  

Lastly, for the most reliable prediction as to where a storm will hit the hardest, a combination of Super-Resolution Radar Reflectivity and Lightning will let you monitor the exact location and intensity of the severe weather. 

How Baron Weather Can Help  

No one should feel underprepared when confronted with extreme weather or hazardous conditions. Luckily, Baron knows that weather plays a huge role in your emergency preparedness planning, and that’s why we’re dedicated to giving you the tools you need to make the right decisions at the right time. 

Baron’s GIS solutions, such as ArcGIS, Baron Threat Net, and the Baron API provide access to the proprietary forecast data you need, in the format you need it, with the flexibility to integrate with the platforms you already use. With Baron, you have the information you need at your fingertips for better planning and effective decision-making.

To learn more about how our data can help you prepare for emergency weather situations, check out this Public Safety page. And if you like what you see, talk to one of our experts today.