Access to real-time, location-specific weather information is critical before, during, and after an extreme weather event. When others rely on you, downtime and business disruptions are not an option.  Large and small businesses choose Baron Weather to address operational challenges associated with the impacts of weather and enhance their long-term sustainability and resilience.

The role of a Corporate Meteorologist is a growing trend. However, many businesses rely on weather-savvy staff to analyze weather data and formulate mission-critical decisions and plans. They all know they must act fast before the weather impacts their business. Baron tools make this easier to accomplish with timely, easy-to-understand weather information.

Norm Dingmore1, whose broad meteorologist experiences include former positions as a broadcast meteorologist, weather observations manager for AT&T, and a 26-year Navy veteran, knows weather is vital in ensuring reliable operations. In former roles, Dingmore focused on field operations and trying to anticipate weather events that would cause repair ticket loads to spike at any given location. “We would adjust our repair and installation commitments and try to stay ahead of that weather—not react to it,” says Dingmore.

While the strategy made perfect sense, the weather's unpredictability proved challenging. Dingmore and many similar professionals find data-driven weather intelligence vital in meeting two important corporate goals: maximizing customer experience and driving out as much cost from the business.

“When we {only} react to the weather, it drives costs to the business while degrading the customer experience,” says Dingmore. That’s not something unique to any one industry.”

Weather-related business challenges are increasing, and businesses are realizing they need a weather provider with smarter data and the breadth and expertise to handle complex installations and integrations with existing business processes.

Indeed, clients worldwide rely on Baron to deliver weather intelligence via their API, covering a wide range of real-time data and forecasting needs. Baron is best equipped to provide complex data sets, significantly streamlining processing efforts and allowing clients to focus on drawing key insights for mission-critical decisions. It’s imperative to have a partner who can help adapt to changing climate and extreme weather.

Esri Data layer

Baron offers several easy-to-use options for integrating weather data with maps and GIS platforms containing business assets and facilities that must be protected. In addition to our robust API delivery system, Baron’s data can be integrated into existing Esri platforms, taking advantage of resources and investments in Esri systems. Michael Darr2, with National Fuel, described this pairing of technologies perfectly.

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“We were looking for a real-time weather service to deliver a data stream into an internal ArcGIS Esri system to provide us with 24/7 real-time weather alerts. We require incremental precipitation levels to analyze conditions and customize automated email alerts based on 24-hour rainfall accumulations," Darr said. "The automated solution is fast and accurate."

Baron Weather is active within the Esri Partner Network to empower users with effortless access to weather intelligence. Speak with our experts to learn more.