Amazing things happen when innovators, influencers, and industry leaders from different businesses come together to create positive change in the marketplace—building a thriving business center around creating solid partnerships with companies with a collective vision, drive, and desire to excel. That’s why Baron has always focused heavily on meeting its partners' needs.

Throughout Baron’s history, partnerships have been critical in creating and distributing effective weather solutions worldwide. The company has established professional relationships with businesses that span various industries, including broadcasting, aviation, telematics, government, education, and others. Many of these partnerships have gone beyond impacting a singular business or industry. They have improved weather awareness on a much broader scale.

“Baron partnerships are significant in many ways,” said Bob Dreisewerd, Baron's Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer. “In some cases, they have created a new market for both partners.”

Baron is committed to developing world-class technology and solutions that meet its partners' goals and needs. As weather science evolves and industries converge, the opportunities for meaningful partnerships continue to grow.

Partnerships That Affect a Nation

“A good partnership is one where each side brings complementary products and services together,” said Dreisewerd. “Some of our legacy partnerships illustrate this well, like our partnership with L-3 STRATIS.”

Infographic of Baron's National Weather Service upgrade of 171 NEXRAD radars

In 2007, Baron partnered with L-3 STRATIS, a worldwide prime system contractor that provides high-technology products and systems. NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS) awarded Baron and L-3 a $43-million-dollar contract to upgrade 171 NEXRAD radars—used by the National Weather Service, Department of Defense, and Federal Aviation Administration—to dual-polarization over five years. L-3 STRATIS had the project management structure and provided the installation, while Baron handled the design and integration. The project was completed on schedule in 2013, with both parties working together.

“It’s an upgrade that affects every resident in the U.S. with a need for weather information,” said Dreisewerd. Dual-pol technology simultaneously transmits two signals (horizontal and vertical) to determine the state, type, and precipitation amounts. This leads to more precise weather information when forecasting flash floods, winter weather, and hailstorms. In addition, the change helps improve the detection of tornado debris signatures, making it easier for meteorologists to pinpoint potential tornadoes on the ground.

“We always look to companies that have technology and resources we can work with to build a solution together. Great partnerships bring tremendous value to each partner, the stakeholders, and the public. In this case, the partnership between Baron and L-3 brought positive change to the customer and the nation,” said Dreisewerd.

Creating a New Marketplace

Bob Baron, President and CEO, was already an instrument-rated pilot when he explored ways to integrate Baron weather into the cockpit. After investigating options, Baron partnered with media giant Sirius XM—formerly XM Satellite Radio—to create the XMWX Satellite Weather Service in 2003. The partnership was a masterful solution that brought Baron’s storm tracking and weather expertise into the cockpit for improved decision-making in flight.

“There have been several partnerships that have significantly impacted an industry as a whole,” commented Dreisewerd. “We opened a new market within aviation thanks to our partnership with XMWX Satellite Weather. There was no economical and dependable weather in the cockpit of an airplane at the time, and this partnership between Baron and Sirius brought critical weather information directly to the pilot.”

Screenshot of weather data via partnership with XMWX Satellite Weather.

The partnership brought new technology to the market that allows pilots to fly with confidence and efficiency. Today, many new General Aviation aircraft sold in the United States are equipped with Baron technology as a standard or standard option.

“This partnership bridged the gap between our weather know-how and Sirius XM’s distribution capabilities,” said Dreisewerd. “Baron had a great product, and Sirius XM had the channels to distribute our information to pilots unlike ever before.”

We Partner to Solve Problems

One of Baron’s key aviation partners, Heads Up Technologies, was especially impressed by Baron's innovation when solving unique issues and accommodating its needs.

“The culture at Baron is really about solving problems. You often get in a relationship with another supplier, and they say, ‘That’s not our responsibility.’ I was very impressed that Baron didn’t do that.”

-- Robert Harshaw, Senior Associate of Operational Planning at Team Rubicon

Heads Up Technologies is one of the premier providers of avionics hardware, including voice and data systems, cabin management systems, displays, and more. The partnership between Baron and Heads Up focuses on integrating Baron’s high-quality data into an industry-certified production designed by the aviation company. The reception of the product offering hinged on Baron’s ability to create a customized solution.

Weather data via cockpit

Heads Up wanted avionics manufacturers to be able to display NEXRAD images in any way they desired so they could differentiate their products. Baron adapted to the requirements and made the vision a reality. But that wasn’t the only reason Heads Up chose Baron as its partner. Their main focus was finding the most dependable data on the market to implement in their products.

“Baron is always happy to adjust to the needs of its partners to ensure success,” said Dreisewerd. “Heads Up is a partnership where flexibility was essential for the final product.”

“We can’t treat weather data as a commodity in the aviation business. It’s essential to the safety of the flight,” said Harshaw. “We want to supply accurate and reliable data, and Baron’s data was the best data possible.”

Partnerships That Put You First

Lasting partnerships enable Baron to continue its mission of enhancing weather awareness worldwide.

“Partnerships are key for any business to grow beyond where they are today,” said Dreisewerd. “They help us gather complementary resources, technology, and expertise to bring progress in the market sooner. But, most importantly, they connect us to businesses that share our mission of continually improving the weather industry. At Baron, we know it’s a team effort—we are in this together.”

From helping ensure the safety of U.S. residents to providing pilots with in-flight weather, Baron partnerships have helped advance the weather industry. For 25 years, Baron has supplied timely and accurate critical weather intelligence while bringing tremendous success to its partners.

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