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Risk Modeling

Integrated Weather Data for Risk Evaluation

Destructive weather means risk for any business, specifically insurance companies. Understanding weather trends and being aware of weather perils is key to minimizing that risk before, during and after a hazardous weather event. Baron makes accessing the weather data you need to make effective data-driven decisions easy. We offer an extensive catalog of historical, current, and forecast weather data for every type of weather peril that will give your organization confidence when making weather-related decisions.

Risk modeling and integrated weather data provides valuable context for loss prevention and underwriting for Automotive Insurers, Property and Casualty and Reinsurers. Benefits include:

  • Detailed analysis utilizing a combination of all policies, all claims data, and past and current weather impacts.
  • Faster analysis of impacted locations to accelerate your decision making.
  • Real-time intelligence aids calculating property risks for future policies and claims.
  • Insights from blending powerful analytical processes and mapping platforms with weather hazards.
  • Monitoring natural hazards in real-time to notify internal stakeholders to ensure business efficiencies and proactive responses.
  • Identify and visualize risk locations over time by analyzing previous storm events and geographic areas prone to storm loss.

With API integration into your existing software, GIS formats, and web browser access, Baron makes integrating high-quality weather data into your workflows simple and straight forward. The heart of our cloud services is the Baron Weather API—a developer-friendly toolkit for implementing intelligent weather data into your products and services.

Accurate and uniquely flexible, the Baron Historical Archive lets underwriters pull historical weather data for any part of the country and use it to generate risk modeling for insured locations and individuals. Specialized data for hail, flooding, tornadoes, high winds, winter, hurricanes and more does the meteorological analysis for you; it’s all there for you to generate trends and insight into high-risk areas, and price your policies accordingly.

  • Use historical weather data to identify the types of weather that impacts a property and take the appropriate preventative measures.
  • Alert property and auto policyholders of impending storms so they can take action to protect insured assets.
  • Determine if a potential newly insured property has been impacted by a recent severe storm and request any necessary inspections.

Ready to mitigate risk and potential financial loss by implementing superior weather intelligence throughout your business? Let Baron be your guide.