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Road Weather

Know What the Road Ahead has in Store

When inclement weather strikes, road conditions can deteriorate quickly. Road closures and dangerous conditions are not only a safety concern, but a major business obstacle across many industries. Baron offers a comprehensive catalog of road weather data, that includes exclusive current and forecast products. With Baron data at your fingertips, you can quickly identify roadways experiencing snowy, icy, wet, or flooded conditions and make plans to avoid those areas.

Baron has a wide selection of current, forecasted and historical weather parameters and perils to ensure you get superior intelligence for applications that require in-depth knowledge of impacts on roadways.

  • Current Conditions
  • Baron Current Road Conditions (exclusive)
  • Baron 72-hour Road Conditions Forecast (exclusive)
  • Current and Forecasted Pavement Temps (exclusive)
  • Baron Hi-Res North American Radar
  • Baron Hi-Res Model – Snow Accumulation
  • Baron Storm Vectors (exclusive)
  • Baron Nationwide Damaging Wind
  • Historical Weather Data

Valuable uses for Baron’s Road Weather products include:

  • Transportation departments, highway patrol and police departments monitoring conditions and appropriately allocating resources.
  • Broadcasters delivering current and forecasted road conditions.
  • Insurers alerting policyholders of dangerous roads to prevent accidents and claims.
  • Fleet and transportation companies identifying ideal routes to avoid delays and dangerous conditions.
  • Delivering data directly to dashboard navigation systems for enhanced driver awareness and safety.

Ready to keep drivers safe and reduce the risk your organization encounters on the roads? Let Baron be your guide.