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Asset Protection

Prevent Financial Losses by Protecting Your Assets

Hail, flooding, wind, there is no shortage of weather conditions that can cause expensive damage to your buildings, equipment, and other property. With the heightened weather awareness Baron provides, you can prevent weather-related damage to your assets by proactively taking protective action when destructive weather looms.
Baron’s high-resolution forecast data enables street-level analysis so you can pinpoint locations that will be impacted before a storm arrives. With our exclusive alerting technology, deliver critical weather information throughout your organization fast. Customize alerts to send notifications to people in defined geographic areas when one of your locations of interest is the path of destructive weather.
Baron weather products enable:

  • Businesses to monitor how weather will impact locations of interest, equipment, and crews in the field.
  • Insurers to reduce claims by providing alerts to policyholders to protect property ahead of a weather event.
  • Venue managers to set custom automated alerts for weather approaching their location.
  • Fleet and transportation organizations to identify and avoid dangerous road conditions.

Reduce your financial risk and gain peace of mind knowing your assets are protected with Baron as your trusted weather partner.

Let’s build a custom weather solution together that meets your organization’s weather needs