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Claims Validation

Stamp Out Fraud with Accurate Claim Validation

For insurers, fraud detection and customer satisfaction are keys to meeting and exceeding revenue goals. Baron’s historical weather archive is a powerful tool to solve both of those challenges. Baron weather data can be easily embedded into your internal claims software and services. The high-quality data allows users to pinpoint locations impacted by a weather event to validate claims with greater speed.

Baron’s historical weather data can be integrated into your existing software and apps via an API, added as a map layer into your ESRI platforms, or accessed with a web browser. Implementing Baron’s weather intelligence provides a fully comprehensive view of conditions affecting your business lines. The simple implementation of the data into your workflows will result in:

  • The identification of fraudulent claims with location specific data.
  • Faster claims validation for increased customer satisfaction.
  • Validating claims that were impacted by specific weather events to trigger reinsurance coverage.

Baron’s deep catalog of historical weather products includes data for:

  • Hail
  • Damaging Winds
  • Flooding
  • Road Weather
  • Winter Weather
  • Tropical Weather

Put Baron’s historical weather data to work for you to create a more efficient and profitable insurance business.