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Weather Graphics

Captivate Audiences with Stunning Weather Graphics

Weather graphics help you tell dynamic weather stories with engaging visuals and detailed analysis of weather events. Often, when broadcasters and weather organizations need to communicate important weather information, the biggest battle can be getting and keeping people’s attention. Baron’s weather graphics deliver content that rises above the noise people encounter on-air, on social media, and online. With Baron, you can tell weather stories with stunning visuals that will stand out on all platforms.

Along with robust tools for analyzing and forecasting weather conditions, Baron offers Baron Lynx a powerful graphics engine that will give you the ability to:

  • Captivate your audience with graphics that look great on-air, online, and on mobile devices.
  • Create your own look with customized graphics, multiple map options, and 3D models and terrain.
  • Quickly publish graphics to websites and social media channels.

Our graphics provide you with the flexibility to tell weather stories with custom graphics, different looks, and  animations all while maintaining accuracy and location-specific information.


Hourly forecast weather graphic
Weather forecast graphic
Weather trends graphic

Severe weather threats graphic

Start producing weather content that will effectively communicate your message and engage your audience at the same time.