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Weather Display Software
For Deeper Weather Insights

Precision weather display software that delivers real-time, life-saving weather information.

Powerful Analysis and Visualization Tools

Baron offers multiple weather display software options for viewing and analyzing weather data, making it easy to generate forecasts and assess real-time conditions. With multiple distribution outlets, you will always be able to get critical weather information directly into the hands of key stakeholders and the public.


Baron Lynx
Become the Leader in Weather and Traffic Stories

Baron Lynx is a powerful, user-friendly weather display software, packed with exclusive data and features, that enables broadcasters to tell in-depth and engaging weather stories that win ratings. Baron Lynx also opens additional revenue streams with sponsorship opportunities in banners and on the map.

Baron Lynx elevates your weather coverage above the competition with eye-popping graphics that captivate your audience. Lynx delivers critical weather information with unprecedented speed and accuracy using precision storm tracking, hand tracking, and exclusive products for tornadoes, hail, tropical and winter weather, and more.

Baron combined the powerful graphics capabilities of Lynx with high-quality traffic data, traffic camera integration, and images to create an industry-leading traffic solution. Baron Traffic allows you to deliver accurate drive times and traffic flows, identify traffic impediments, and more, all with high-resolution mapping.

"Switching to Baron was the best thing to happen to this weather department." Elaina Rusk

KERO, Bakersfield, CA

Chief Meteorologist

Lynx, Forecaster Workstation

Advanced Forecaster Workstation
Easily Implement a Critical Weather Early Warning System

Advanced Forecaster Workstation is a customizable solution that seamlessly integrates data from your entire meteorological network into one system using Baron Lynx.

Baron Lynx gives forecasters the ability to analyze data from radars, sensors, gauges, models, satellites, and more, resulting in efficient and accurate weather forecasting.

Monitoring hazardous weather conditions with precise location information enables you to easily determine the risk, so you can communicate its severity to local communities. Specialized data for convective weather, flooding, winter weather, tropical environments, and more are all available in Baron Lynx.

Lynx, Forecaster Workstation
BTN in computer

Baron Threat Net
Quickly Assess and Respond to Weather Hazards

Baron Threat Net is accessible anywhere, anytime via a web browser. Threat Net delivers high-quality, critical weather data in one easy-to-use solution. Customizations for specialized fields such as aviation, marine, transportation, and more are available.

Baron Threat Net is loaded with valuable data for everyday and severe weather conditions including radar data, severe/winter/tropical weather detection products, lightning, forecast weather modeling, weather sensors, satellite data, road conditions, and much more. Weather data is visible down to the street level for hyper-local analysis and decision-making.

“Effectively planning large-scale relief efforts would be much more difficult without Baron weather data at my fingertips.” Lauren Vatier

Team Rubicon

Senior Associate of Operational Planning

Weather Display Software for Every Platform

Web Widgets

Keep current and important weather information continuously available online. Baron web tools help you add fresh, continuously updated weather content to any web page instantly. Maximize your online efficiency with the Baron Lynx Web Scheduler. It’s fully automated and designed to export the weather information you want to share with the public to your website every day, or even every hour.

Mobile App

Baron's Critical Weather App for iOS and Android allows you to easily deliver weather data to the entire public. With Baron technology, you can provide a branded daily weather app for your organization that includes temperatures, forecasts, currents, radar, and more. Automatically inform your audience of approaching weather with unrivaled accuracy using our exclusive and patented alerting technology.

Alert Crawl

Baron StormWarn delivers a broad range of weather advisories, including the ability to display live radar. StormWarn is the most versatile, timely, and accurate alert crawl system available. The system makes it easy for you to keep viewers informed when the situation is critical, and the need for accurate weather information is high.

Social Posting

Social media is a critical platform for effectively communicating critical weather information to the public. Baron Lynx comes with tools that make it easy to establish and maintain an active presence on social media. Every system comes with tools that allow you to instantly post content from Lynx including weather graphics, maps, and forecasts to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

It’s Easier Than You Think

Are you looking for a superior weather system that allows you to make better more informed decisions? Our weather display software equips you with what you need to get the job done.


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