Be it floods, snow, sleet, or many other weather perils, pipeline operations veterans know that weather plays a critical role in the success and safety of the oil and gas industry. Halting drilling operations due to hazardous weather can critically impact budgets by millions. Plus, transporting people and materials, only to be postponed due to weather, is time-intensive and expensive.

Cutting-edge solutions that harness the power of high-resolution models, visualization, and alerting can provide unparalleled weather intelligence tailored specifically for the industry. Learn more about the solutions that enable pipeline operations managers to schedule drilling activities and offset the loss of funds when adverse weather impedes plans.

Powerful High-Resolution Models

Baron's advanced high-resolution models generate precision forecasts tailored to the unique weather dynamics of your operational area. We offer several options for managing local atmospheric or hydrological models that enable you to monitor weather situations or prepare alerts and notifications to mitigate risk. Our insights into rainfall accumulations, temperature, wind patterns, storms, and more ensure you stay ahead of weather events to make informed decisions that optimize resource allocation and maximize operational efficiency.

Real-time Weather Visualization

Baron weather visualization tools provide intuitive, real-time maps of meteorological data. This allows you to easily monitor and track weather conditions while staying informed of those parameters critical to your drilling operations.

We offer several visualization tools to enhance your weather analysis. The Baron Threat Net product is a web-based solution with standardized mapping within an easy-to-use weather display. Our forecaster workstation Baron Lynx provides powerful visuals and detailed analysis and can integrate localized sensors, models, and radar.

High-Resolution Doppler Radar

When needing a comprehensive, real-time understanding of localized weather conditions, doppler radar technology is a valuable solution. By leveraging Baron's precise, high-resolution weather radar, operators can proactively adjust schedules, optimize resource allocation, and implement safety measures to protect personnel and equipment. When storms approach, drilling rigs can be secured or temporarily shut down to prevent accidents and equipment damage.

Improved Safety for Global Pipeline Operations  

Baron solutions enable adaptation to the diverse climates and geographical challenges of your drilling operations. Whether the drilling of your pipeline operations is in coastal areas, deserts, or high-altitude regions, our models account for regional weather patterns providing the weather intelligence you need for successful operations. Accurate weather forecasts and real-time weather data mean drilling personnel are prepared for changing weather conditions, taking precautions, or evacuating if required. Advanced warnings ensure that risks associated with lightning strikes, heavy rain, or extreme temperatures are mitigated, reducing on-site injuries and accidents.

Beyond the quality of the weather data itself, Baron also delivers GIS data. We provide feature layers in a format compatible with your organization's Esri infrastructure, allowing you easy integration into the system while also providing the power to perform analysis with your own non-weather datasets, such as mapping your pipeline locations. If you don't use Esri, we have other options.

Baron Data in an ArcGIS DashboardSee Demo

Partner with Us

Partnering with Baron Weather means managers can facilitate preemptive planning for weather-related downtime in pipeline operations. Implement preventive measures and take proactive steps that reduce operational disruptions, increase efficiency, and ultimately lead to significant cost savings.

Learn more about how Baron's wide scope of capabilities and expertise can work for you in your pipeline operations!