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The Right Tools for Better Risk Mitigation


historical archive exampel using baron's weather api integration

When it comes to doing any project or task, choosing the right tools makes all the difference.  Insurance professionals have leveraged weather data for years when making wide-ranging decisions from underwriting risks, insurance premiums, risk management and claims validation, just to name a few. 

Today, weather data is more important than ever before for several reasons including climate change awareness, advancements and reliance upon geospatial imagery and insurance carriers’ ability to augment reams of historical data with real-time information. Making decisions involving weather also calls for using the right tools for the specific project because accuracy matters.

The word “accuracy” is often paired with weather forecasting but not all weather data is the same. Baron has deep meteorological knowledge and talent with a large staff of meteorologists. Baron also knows weather from decades of installing radar systems, collecting and storing weather data, and superior weather visualization tools widely used by media across the US.  

Weather Forecast Data

Baron’s weather forecast service shows the weather down to the specific street and address, so you know exactly how homes and business properties may be affected and when the bad weather will hit. You can access historical weather data with the Baron Weather Archive to better understand how weather events have impacted a location over time. This allows you to more accurately assess risk. With Baron’s Weather Archive, you’ll be able to better understand the effects of weather on properties, implement protections ahead of time, produce financial loss projection scenarios and prepare response resources more efficiently

When a severe weather event is approaching, decision-makers need to have the right data in order to make the best decisions. Baron provides access to severe and tropical weather data, enabling them to accurately predict and project the path and intensity of these events to enable teams to be prepared. Unique Baron products such as the Baron Shear Detection and Baron Hurricane Index provide advanced warning and location specificity to weather observations. With this knowledge, response teams can prepare for the potential dangers, and potentially limit any damage that may occur. With Baron’s weather companies can evaluate the risk for properties before, during and after weather impacts with accuracy.

Weather Inspector

The Weather Inspector is an innovative tool that provides companies with weather information for specific locations and date ranges, allowing insurance companies to easily and quickly score properties, and validate claims. Companies can take a look at how the weather affects their business, through accessing advanced insights and observing how weather affects KPIs. 

Threat Net

Baron Threat Net alerts

Screenshot of Baron Threat Net and a notification for a user-defined location ahead of Hurricane Ida (2021).

Baron Threat Net is an essential tool for active monitoring and advanced preparation for all types of weather hazards. The solution incorporates three easy ways to track inclement weather. The web portal is a fully-featured weather monitoring system that provides street-level views and the ability to layer numerous data products. It also provides simple custom alerts that track weather for locations you define and alert you on screen, via email or with push notifications to your phone. Plus, our companion app allows you to always have access to live real-time weather wherever you go.

Easy-to-Use Weather Data for All Platforms


example of machine learning models for weather risk management

Baron Weather’s weather API, GIS, and Web & Mobile apps are an easy-to-digest catalog of all the weather around the world, so you’ll have all the data you need to make decisions at your fingertips, no matter where claims were filed.  Our data integration is easy, flexible, and scalable. Plus, Baron’s weather data empowers your business through accurate, timely information that will allow you to analyze data and make informed claims decisions.

If you want to mitigate risk and be prepared for all types of weather, partner with Baron for your weather solutions needs.


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