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How Baron Can Help You

Our meticulously crafted solutions empower you to make better aviation decisions. Smarter data from Baron can help you streamline operations, ensure safety, and navigate around disruptive weather with our comprehensive, easy-to-integrate data. 

Best-in-Class Datasets
Get the data you need down to the street level at a price you can afford. Our catalog houses hundreds of datasets to best meet your needs, with insights tailored for decision-makers.
Digital Tools
Seamless Integrations
Feature-rich turnkey solutions from Baron ensure your development or software team can deploy Baron's customized datasets exactly when and where you need them.
User-Friendly Software
Unlock the power of a single system that provides all the data you need in one place, consolidated from multiple sources and topped off with exclusive Baron graphics.
Precision Weather Radars
Engineered for durability and sustainability, the Baron radar delivers high-quality data and minimizes long-term maintenance.

Thousands Trust Baron to Weatherproof Their World

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The Benefits of Choosing Baron

  • Streamline Decisions

  • Reduce Risk

  • Minimize Delays

  • GIS Ready Layers

Streamline Decision-Making

Leave uncertainty behind as you utilize the most accurate, real-time, and predictive data on wind speed, wind gusts, lightning, snowfall, and more. Baron real-time alerts are customizable to fit your needs and empower your decision-making process for in-flight and ground procedures.

Reduce Safety Risks

Make the right decision at the right time. Prioritize the well-being of your passengers and crew by proactively addressing potential weather challenges and risks with up-to-the-minute weather data. Baron solutions allow you to set custom alert parameters based on your unique guidelines and protocols.

Minimize Disruptions and Delays

While you can't control the weather, you can obtain early alerts that aid in your preparation for various weather scenarios. Devise alternative solutions and implement necessary measures ahead of time to prevent any potential setbacks or disruptions that may impact customer satisfaction and overall profitability.

Optimize Your GIS System

Protect your assets from the negative impacts of weather exposure by monitoring everything in one unified system. Our exclusive weather data comes in Esri-ready layers, enabling you to maximize your investments and expand operational safety.


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"Having high-quality products and the personal level of support was huge. They know that every customer is different and worked with us to put together a package that makes sense for our business instead of a one-size fits all pricing model."

John Burnside

Co-Founder & Director of Business Development


"The value to our customers of having access to weather information in the live flight path is incredible."

Zandri Banks

Chief Experience Officer


"Baron is the best as far as we’re concerned in creating these weather products."

Andy Matthews

Co-Founder and Director


"The API products work well with our system. We have not noticed any issues or latency problems."

Cole Diffin

Web Mobile Application Development


"The flexibility and versatility of the Baron Weather API has made it very easy to implement the service into our website and apps. We use APIs to obtain data from Baron and contact Baron support via email when needed. The support team has always been very helpful and quick to respond."

Fredrik Lindahl



"As a government agency, weather increases costs when it’s not expected or if we are recovering from its impacts. Baron Threat Net is a mature product from the best in the business. There was no other logical choice."


Technical Project Manager

Government Agency


Why Pay for a Weather Solution?

Baron surpasses free sources.


Tailored for Aviation Professionals

Baron's solutions offer vital benefits to the aviation industry, providing real-time weather data and forecasts for enhanced flight planning, routing, and operational efficiency. Offering increased situational awareness for pilots, air traffic controllers, and airport personnel, enabling proactive decision-making and mitigating potential risks. Advanced weather analytics help optimize fuel consumption, improve safety, and increase situational awareness for pilots and air traffic controllers.

Baron Weather API

Unlock the power of high-quality, reliable global weather data with current, future, and historical datasets seamlessly integrated into your operations. The Baron Weather API gives businesses access to over 200 data products and 102 Baron-exclusive offerings.

Esri Weather Layers

Elevate your Esri solutions with seamless integration of Esri-ready data layers from Baron. Unify your assets with current, forecast, and historical weather data for real-time analysis, enhancing your decision-making capabilities.

Weather Radars

Elevate your weather monitoring with Baron's C-band, S-band, and X-band radar systems, which have set the global standard in weather monitoring for decades. Fixed, transportable, and mobile configurations are available.

Weather Modeling

Baron's high-resolution forecast modeling is unmatched in accuracy and versatility. Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP), hydrological, tropical, and air quality parameters are available for any domain, along with a first-of-its-kind Coupled Atmospheric Weather and Ocean (COWA) model.

XMWX Satellite Weather

Baron weather data has been transmitted over SiriusXM satellites for over two decades as part of the XMWX Satellite Weather service. Delivering live, high-quality weather data to locations that other terrestrial delivery methods can’t reach.

Baron Weather API

Unlock the power of high-quality global weather data seamlessly integrated into your operations with the Baron Weather API. Designed to accommodate all programming languages and data formats, our API offers access to a comprehensive data catalog featuring over 200 products including current, forecast, and historical data and 102 Baron exclusive offerings.


This robust suite empowers industries to make informed, data-driven decisions, enhancing efficiency across the board. The Baron Weather API is your gateway to smarter weather data, providing valuable insights for a diverse range of applications and industries.

Esri Weather Layers

Elevate your Esri solutions with seamless integration of Esri-ready data layers. Unify your assets with current, forecast, and historical weather data for real-time analysis, enhancing your decision-making capabilities.

Visualize the weather data alongside underlying data layers on a unified platform to gain valuable insights that maximize the efficiency of your investment in the Esri ecosystem. This consolidated approach ensures location-specific GIS-formatted weather data is easily accessible, promoting informed decisions and increased operational efficiency for a comprehensive, streamlined experience.

Weather Radars

Baron presents a range of advanced radar systems, setting the standard in weather monitoring with exceptional performance, research-grade data, and unparalleled support.

Baron radars are meticulously designed for durability and reliability, prioritizing minimal maintenance without compromising high data quality. Available in fixed, transportable, and mobile configurations, our radars include C-band, S-band, and X-band models, our radar solutions provide precise and sustainable options for diverse operating environments.

Elevate your weather monitoring with Baron's sophisticated and environmentally conscious radar systems.

Weather Modeling

Baron's high-resolution forecast modeling presents a comprehensive suite featuring unmatched accuracy, encompassing standard Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP), hydrological, tropical, air quality, and pioneering Coupled Atmospheric Weather and Ocean (COWA) models.

Collaborating with agencies, we enhance their weather modeling capabilities, ensuring the delivery of precise and reliable forecasts. With our in-house modeling experts, an extensive array of models, and tailored experiences for both large and small domains, Baron stands as a trusted partner in advancing forecasting accuracy and meeting the unique needs of diverse forecasting challenges.

XMWX Satellite Weather

Discover XMWX, your ultimate companion for aviation and marine weather navigation. With cutting-edge technology and unparalleled accuracy, XMWX delivers real-time updates and precise forecasts, ensuring safe and efficient journeys for pilots and mariners alike.

Helpful Guide

The Ideal API

A 3-Step Guide for Optimal Aviation Operations

Rely on innovative, accurate weather forecasting tools to keep your organization safe and protected from weather threats.
Smarter Data
Exclusive products from our scientists turn freely available data into precise answers on the location, timing, and impacts of weather hazards.
Better Decisions
Our experts can empower you to reduce risk, mitigate disruptions, and avoid the unexpected with confidence.
Choose Baron
With over three decades of experience helping thousands of organizations weather nature's worst, our 24/7 team will always have your back!