Accelerate your Workflows with the New Baron Lynx QuickEditor


This release includes the new Baron Lynx QuickEditor, which allows you to easily adjust daily and hourly National Weather Service NDFD forecast data to match your forecast. Your edits will automatically populate all on-air, online, and mobile platforms, saving you time and delivering consistency. The following adjustments can be made to 15 days of daily data and 48 hours of hourly data:

  • Temperature
  • Weather icons
  • Text descriptions
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Precipitation changes

Your edits can be hyper-local with the ability to create customizable microclimate zones, for example, mountains vs. valleys. When you transition to the new QuickEditor all your current data points will still be available.

QuickEditor Webinar

We hosted a QuickEditor training webinar to help you quickly implement it into your workflows. A recording of the webinar is below for you to watch at your convenience.


New SPC Data Products

Day 1 and 2 Significant Tornado, Wind and Hail Outlook
Data Product Group: Composite - Storm Prediction Center

This product provides the day 1 and 2 significant outlook for hail, wind or tornado. A significant outlookk represents a greater than 10% chance within 25 miles of a point. A day 3 significant severe weather outlook is also provided.

Fire Wx Day 1 and 2 Dry Thunderstorm Risk

Data Product Group: Composite - Storm Prediction Center

An overview of areas of anticipated dry thunderstorms today and tomorrow, which could spark fires. It can be used in conjunction with the SPC Day 1 and 2 Fire Weather Outlooks.


GOES 17 Satellite

Baron GOES-17 Nighttime Fog and Low Cloud
Data Product Group: Satellite - GOES-17
Time Step: 5 minutes

The new Baron nighttime fog and low cloud product utilizes multiple IR channels from the GOES-17 satellite and enhanced color palettes to identify areas of fog and low clouds at night easily