Vertiports may be coming to a major city near you in the future. Vertiports are dedicated areas that ensure the space and infrastructure needed for safe air transport of passengers or goods that travel by Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL).

Urban air mobility (UAM) transportation systems are being developed to address traffic congestion in the world’s major cities, and the aircraft used in UAM is progressing in both manned and unmanned directions.

Vertiports are essentially landing and take-off infrastructures for Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft, including air taxis, passenger aerial vehicles, cargo aerial vehicles, and air ambulances. The term “vertiport” is derived from the words “vertical” and "airport,” and it is a defined area that is specifically designed to accommodate the unique needs of VTOL aircraft.

When Airports International* magazine launched its special edition on vertiports, they contacted Baron to discuss weather conditions and weather technology impacts.

Check out the article Come Rain or Shine.

Cover of Vertiports issue of Airports International
*Airports International provides timely, in-depth analysis of the global airport sector, covering operations, technology, and leadership. Vertiports, a new, unique publication from the team behind Airports International, looks at urban air mobility sector pioneers taking eVTOL travel and vertiports from dream to reality.