Radars will detect and help warn of extreme weather conditions.

Baron Weather, the world leader in critical weather intelligence, has announced that the weather technology company has been selected by the General Directorate of Meteorology (DGM) in Morocco to supply, install, and commission three X-band dual-polarization Doppler radars and two C-band dual-polarization Doppler radars. The X-band radars will provide coverage for the region of Mohammedia and M'Diq-Fnideq, as well as the valley of Ourika within Morocco. The project, expected to begin this month and be completed by August 2024, includes software, installation, related maintenance services for the coverage of the regions, and remote operation of the radars.

The C-band meteorological radars will provide coverage of the Casablanca-Settat and Fez-Meknes regions. The plan includes related installation and maintenance services as well. Project delivery of the C-band radars is slated to begin this month and will be finalized by June 2024.

Building a more effective and reliable radar system is a priority for the nation. In Morocco’s case, weather radar is an essential tool for early warning systems – especially flooding as well as monitoring climate change – and observing precipitation across the region.

"The radars are planned to detect and aid in the issuance of warnings for extreme weather conditions, especially significant and rapidly developing weather situations,” said Jon Tarleton, vice president of integrated weather systems at Baron Weather. “The new radar data will be integrated into DGM’s processing system at its headquarters in Casablanca."

Once the project in Morocco is complete, Baron will have installed a total of 10 radars in Africa. Currently, Baron is working with the Zimbabwe Government, through its Meteorological Services Department, finalizing the installation of five Baron Gen3 C-band dual-polarization weather radars throughout the country along with 10 Baron Lynx Advanced Forecaster Workstations.

Baron Weather is partnering with M2E Solutions in Casablanca for the project.