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Accurate Weather Radars for Every Meteorological Environment and Climate

Effective early warning systems start with accurate weather radars.

Weather Radars Engineered for Precision Performance

Baron has the exclusive technology, knowledge, and experience to design and manufacture a radar solution that delivers outstanding performance, research quality data, value-added radar products, dynamic display, and unequaled support. Built for durability and reliability Baron radars include advanced features that help keep maintenance low and data quality high. The superior weather data delivered by Baron Gen3 radars can serve as the foundation of a more effective meteorological network and early warning system.

Baron has sold, installed, and performed dual polarization upgrades to more than 350 radars worldwide including the dual polarization upgrade for the U.S. National Weather Service.

With a history of innovation and a global presence, Baron can help you prepare for the unique challenges weather possesses in your areas with the latest radar technology.

map of zimbabwe an accurate weather radar client
“Timely evacuation of at-risk communities whenever there is a high possibility of flooding is critical to reducing the loss of lives and property. The Baron radars will help us better detect the areas and people that are in danger.” Rebecca Manzou

Zimbabwe Meteorological Services Department


Weather Radars for Every Need

Baron high precision radars are available in multiple configurations, so every organization can find the solution that best meets its needs. Dual polarization is a standard option, providing superior analysis for flooding, hail, winter precipitation, tropical systems, and tornadoes. Fixed, mobile or transportable configurations are available. Baron's accurate weather radars are all of a similar design so even if you chose various bands for your network, they share many of the same components keeping maintenance costs down. If you want to learn more about what radar is best for your needs, download this guide.


S-band Radars

Available with up to a 1-megawatt klystron or magnetron transmitter, Baron S-band radars offer excellent weather detection in all environments and offer greater resistance to rain fade.


C-band Radars

Available with a 1-megawatt klystron transmitter or 350-kilowatt magnetron transmitter, Baron C-band radars deliver superior performance in any weather condition.


X-band Radars

Baron’s 300-kilowatt X-band magnetron radar delivers exceptional accuracy for research applications and short-range meteorological surveillance.

Exclusive Calibration for Accurate Weather Radars

Baron has resolved the problem of accurately and efficiently calibrating radars with new sophisticated and patented algorithms that reduce labor costs, increase operation time, and reduce maintenance headaches. Ensuring that radars perform consistently, Baron first developed the Baron Auto-Calibration technology. Next, came our groundbreaking Multi-Radial ZDR Calibration, setting an even higher standard for radar reliability.

Multi-radial Calibration

This patented groundbreaking technology solves several calibration and operational challenges, even in fast-changing meteorological environments. Baron Multi-Radial Calibration is automatically calculated with every sweep, equaling more than 300 times per hour. This eliminates the need for human intervention to keep radar differential reflectivity precise at all times.



Baron’s auto-calibration checks numerous parameters with every volume scan, ensuring the radar system is automatically calibrated 10 times per hour. Even when operating in adverse environments, the hardware can accommodate any temperature-related effects, ensuring continuous accuracy. This keeps Baron Gen3 radar systems reliable, and accurate, as well as easier to operate and maintain.

Next Generation Clutter Suppression Technology

Clutter removal is critical to accurate and reliable radar data. With the emergence of 5G and the general increase in radio frequency (RF) transmissions, its importance has never been greater. Exclusive technology from Baron gives you the most advanced and proven suppression systems for ground clutter and RF interference, resulting in greatly improved meteorological data quality.

The Baron ClearScan and CLEAN-AP can work in unison to provide the most effective clutter suppression.

Baron ClearScan™

This patent pending Baron technology uses machine learning algorithms to recognize quality radar data versus anomalous propagation (often caused by wind farms or general ground clutter) or radio frequency interference from other electronic devices. The Baron ClearScan™ removes the unwanted noise, resulting in cleaner, easier to read, and more accurate displays of radar data. ClearScan can be tailored to better recognize specific issues your radar is likely to encounter at its location.

example of cluttered data before accurate weather radar
Radar data with interference
example of data after accurate weather radar
The same radar data after Baron ClearScan™ removed the interference


Available exclusively from Baron through a partnership with the University of Oklahoma, CLEAN-AP™ allows for real-time, automatic ground clutter suppression, resulting in a more precise display of actual weather targets. CLEAN-AP™ delivers greatly improved meteorological data quality, especially for areas prone to terrain challenges, through a fully automated process that requires no manual intervention.

Before and after images of radar data when CLEAN-AP™ has been utilized
Before and after images of radar data when CLEAN-AP™ has been utilized
Radar install

Enhance Your Investment

Baron gives you the ability to extend the high performance and operational lifetime of your existing radar with these upgrade options. Reliability and sustainability are important to the performance of your radar network. Baron provides an easy upgrade path for aging equipment and improvements to your overall network as new technologies and engineering improves radar performance.

  • Transmitters (klystron and magnetron)
  • Pedestals
  • Antennas
  • Radomes
  • Signal Processors and Receivers
  • Antenna-mounted electronics
  • Dual-polarization
  • Display Systems
Radar install
Radar Black Background

Scientific Analysis and Visualization

Display and analysis of Baron Gen3 radar data are provided by the Baron Lynx Advanced Forecaster Workstation. Other data from your meteorological network can be integrated into Lynx, enabling simultaneous viewing with radar data for scientific analysis and forecasting. During severe weather, Baron Lynx enables accurate pathcasting, overlaid onto a local mapping database. Easy to use with native language support, this scientific display is the perfect foundation and campaign for your radar network.

Radar Black Background

Working with Us Is Simple

If you’re ready to install the right radar technology for your specific needs. Talk to Baron.


You’ll talk with an expert to discuss the issues you face with your current solution and how we can help alleviate those.


Next, we’ll make sure you get a roadmap defining the weather solution that meets your specific requirements and is financially sustainable.


And finally, you can be assured you have reliable and accurate weather radar so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Are you ready to prepare a dynamic weather presentation, protect your communities, improve safety and efficiencies, or increase revenue?