Multiple line segments of severe thunderstorms produced more than 300 reports of high winds or wind damage in Thursday's extreme wind event across the Northern Plains. Many of the gusts were clocked at greater than hurricane force. And preliminary data from the National Weather Service suggests the event will rank third for most recorded wind gusts 75 mph or greater in a single date since 2004.

Meteorologists from Baron's forecast services division recapped the event in their daily internal briefing Friday morning, highlighting some of the more recent data products available to cover such an event.

If you would prefer to scrub through the videos at your own pace, we invite you to use the link below.

The video and presentation above were created using Lynx media display software, but the same data is also available to insurance professionals and emergency managers through Baron Threat Net or the API.

Meteorologist and Graphic Artist Joshua Rivas was the original creator of the weather graphics, and Senior Forecaster Kevin Nugent gave the presentation.