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Kazakhstan Utilizing Powerful Baron Weather Radar Technology

Radar Data will Improve Forecasting and Early Warning Capabilities

The nation of Kazakhstan selected Baron Weather, the worldwide leader in critical weather intelligence, to provide cutting-edge radar technology that will serve as the foundation of their weather modernization program. Baron delivered and installed two powerful dual-polarization weather radars and four Baron Lynx Advanced Forecaster Workstations that will improve early warning and forecasting. The country’s National Hydrometeorological Service will use the high-quality data from the radars to detect and forecast weather with greater precision. The radars will allow for earlier detection of weather threats, resulting in the ability to provide more timely and accurate warnings. Citizens will have more advanced notice and more reliable information to take action to protect their safety before dangerous weather and climate events occur.

In November 2021, Baron Radar Technicians completed the installation of two 1-million-watt klystron C-band dual-polarization radars. The 1-million-watt radars are among the most powerful on the market, providing the longest signal range available. Data from radars will allow staff with the National Hydrometeorological Service to better forecast all weather conditions, including dangerous events that are a major concern in Kazakhstan, like blizzards and floods.

The locations of the 2 Baron C-band radars in Kazakhstan

For visualization and analysis of the radar data, four Baron Lynx Advanced Forecaster Workstations were installed. One Lynx workstation is positioned near each radar site and two are located at the National Hydrometeorological Service headquarters.  These workstations will allow in-depth analysis of the radar data for the creation of early warning alerts and forecasts.

The Baron radars feature CLEAN-AP clutter™ suppression technology, available exclusively through a partnership with the University of Oklahoma, that delivers a more precise display of weather targets. The radars also include Baron patented Multi-radial Calibration. This groundbreaking technology calibrates the radars with every sweep, ensuring they are accurate at all times and providing clean precise data.

While in Kazakhstan, the Baron installers and trainers provided in-depth training on the operation and use of the radars and hands-on training for the Baron Lynx systems.