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Critical Weather Data
Always at Your Fingertips

Weather data comes in numerous forms. It can be hard to determine what is right for you.

Worried That You Haven’t Found the Right Weather Information?

There is a multitude of weather data products. It can be hard to determine what product suits you and your application. Don’t be confused. With Baron, you can access the most extensive catalog of highly accurate, location-specific data solutions that provide actionable insights for informed decision-making and weather clarity.

Weather Intelligence at Your Fingertips

We’ll help you make the right decisions. We collect, archive, and process weather data from around the world. We don’t stop there. With our rich history of innovation and patented products, we provide weather insights and capabilities that no other vendor can match. Baron continuously innovates and creates new blended data products identifying specific threats with pinpoint accuracy for precision weather forecasting.

We aim to ensure you have the correct information at the right time. Put Baron innovation to work for you – it’s easier than you think.

  • Current
  • Forecast
  • Historical
  • Global
  • Advanced Modeling
  • Hazardous Weather Detection
  • Climate and Environmental Impacts
  • More Unique Products

Weather Data Product Catalog

Baron's comprehensive global weather products are designed to help any industry understand weather trends and mitigate disasters. Gain an understanding of weather impacts and the actions needed to protect lives and property on a local, regional, national, and global level.

Lynx: Exclusive Baron model with future winds and clouds.
Precision Weather & Forecasting

Not all weather data is the same. Baron’s exclusive high-res weather and forecast model includes temperature, clouds, precipitation, accumulation, and winds, to name a few.

Baron Threat Net: Composite radar, satellite, sensors and severe threat indicators.
Observational Weather

View the “big picture” with our high-fidelity sensor networks, satellite imagery, and full composite North America radar - the best in the market. No one provides more government & commercial radars with global satellite & sensor data in one place than Baron.

Lynx: Exclusive tornado signature markers and severe weather storm tracking.
High Winds, Tornadoes

Baron calculates the wind data for you, making it easier to focus on areas where straight-line winds or tornadoes are likely to occur or are imminent. High-resolution modeling can also project where higher gusts may occur in the future providing an advanced warning.

Lynx: Global model precipitation accumulation forecast.
Flash Flooding

Get advanced notice of flash flooding at the hyperlocal level from our exclusive Flash Flood Risk algorithm. An array of historical precipitation data sets can provide real-time verification, and long-range flood forecast products can help you prepare.

Baron Threat Net: Using hail path historical data for validation.
Hail Insights

Baron's future hail modeling can give ample lead time to prepare for a damaging storm. Our historical analysis tools provide resources for validating an event, even when there isn't an official report.

GIS Integration: Lightning heat map, showing density of strikes.

Street-level lightning detection makes it easy to pinpoint strike location and density. Our exclusive model data projects where dangerous strikes may form days in advance.

Baron Threat Net: Tropical track, storm information, and current radar.
Tropical Weather

Know how favorable the environment will be for future tropical development with Baron’s tropical forecasts and exclusive hurricane index. Understand the impacts of Baron's current and forecast storm surge, wind, and rainfall products.

Lynx: Future snowfall from Baron's exclusive model.
Winter Weather

Past, current, and future accumulations of snow, sleet, freezing rain, and rain are all part of our exclusive product suite, providing clarity during a complicated winter event.

Lynx: Forecast temperature anomalies.
Extreme Temperatures

See future cold snaps and heat waves in context with Baron’s derived temperature anomaly forecasts, and a complete climate data set that is useful for in-depth analysis and response.

Lynx: Baron's exclusive Air Quality Index
Air Quality

Know where the current particulate matter may negatively affect health or climate, then visualize where pollutants may move next with exclusive particulate matter, ozone, and visibility forecast modeling products that provide outlook days into the future.

GIS Integration: Drought severity index.
Drought Severity

Visualize deficits in precipitation and compare them to normal precipitation patterns for a complete picture of where drought is likely to develop or already occurring.

Lynx: Active fires with derived smoke plumes from satellite.
Fire Weather

Identify areas at risk of wildfires, where they occur, and create stunning illustrations of current and future smoke plumes up to 48 hours.

GIS Integration: Areas where icing is occurring or imminent.
Aviation Weather

See the “30,000-foot view” in a new way with Baron’s exclusive cross-section and flight rule planning, along with exclusive flight planning and weather tracing products.

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Baron Threat Net: Current radar, fronts, winds and waves.
Maritime Weather

Navigate your cargo and ship fleet away from threatening waves, wind, and lightning before they happen. Baron’s extensive package of current and future data products is tailored for sound decision-making on the water.

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Lynx: Baron's pavement model and derived road conditions.
Road Weather

Know when road conditions “go south” with our exclusive pavement condition model, served in real-time or projected to help travelers, fleet companies, etc., navigate everyday traffic and weather hurdles.

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an example of a high resolution model for precision weather forecasting

Weather Modeling Systems

As the leader in high-resolution meteorological modeling, Baron offers modeling that enhances your forecasting knowledge and provides greater detail than global model output. Baron models include:

  • Numerical Weather Prediction
  • Hydrometeorological Models
  • Air Quality Models
  • Roadway Weather Conditions
“Baron products have been integral in delivering on our Griffin mission of keeping Oklahomans safe and informed. Severe weather in Oklahoma can turn deadly in an instant and the Oklahoma Weather experts at Griffin depend upon up to date, real time information from Baron while forecasting and covering these events.” Trevor Wiseman

Vice President of Technology

Historical Weather Data

Baron's expertise and drive for innovation mean accuracy is in everything we do. Our deep catalog of weather data offers a solution for every weather and climate-dependent industry.

Our historical weather data extends years in the past, with location precision not available elsewhere. Historical weather data can be used to examine the impact of weather on business operations and revenue, property risk assessment, insurance underwriting, and claim validation.

Baron has covered everything from precision weather forecasting to analyzing and interpreting historical weather data.


Weather Alerts

Baron’s automated weather alerts allow you to reach wide groups of people with critical weather information, using push notifications, text messages, or email. Backed by Baron’s patented and unique technologies for severe weather detection, our alerts provide the advanced heads-up needed to keep operations safe. Alerts can easily be integrated into products and services to increase weather awareness for various storm parameters.

  • Baron Dangerous Storm Approaching
  • All National Weather Service Watches & Warnings
  • Baron Twisting Storm Approaching
  • Ability to Select Criteria and Thresholds for Custom Alerts

You should be able to prepare for the challenges the weather brings to your operation. Getting the correct weather information at the right time to make the right decisions shouldn’t be complex.

Getting started is easier than you think.

Are you looking for specific weather data products and solutions? Baron has an expansive catalog of available products to meet your needs.


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