New Products Allow Broadcasters to Deliver Precise and Comprehensive Weather Coverage

Baron Weather Inc., the worldwide leader in superior weather intelligence, has continued its commitment to providing innovative weather technology to broadcasters with the recent release of valuable new products. These software upgrades and new data products were designed to empower broadcasters with tools to better detect and forecast weather with unmatched accuracy and deliver more engaging weather stories to audiences on all platforms.

Following the release of QuickEditor, a time-saving tool that allows for the fast editing of forecasts across all platforms, Baron continued developing innovative products. Baron Lynx, a complete end-to-end weather solution, is now an even more versatile storytelling tool with these recent data product additions:

  • New power outage data allows stations to communicate visually better the impact of severe and winter weather events throughout a community, region, or state.
  • Winter weather products, including exclusive 1km-resolution current road conditions and 24-hour road conditions forecast, offer compelling information during wintery conditions.
  • Enhanced National Weather Service alerts for tornados, thunderstorms, and flooding.
  • Next-generation Baron Tornado Debris Signature enables broadcasters to identify tornados faster and with greater precision.

Stations will be able to give their digital audience a better experience with enhancements to the Baron white-label app for iOS and Android. The new app design includes new navigation in the current conditions and forecast section, upgraded mapping layers, and an easier-to-read layout. An updated web widget also received enhanced mapping for clean radar and weather information displays on stations’ websites.

The Baron ClearScan – The Next Generation of Radar Clutter Mitigation

The Baron ClearScan is a new patent-pending radar clutter mitigation technology that allows broadcasters to identify precipitation with greater precision and provide viewers with images of radar data that are easier to understand. Using machine learning algorithms supported by human intervention, the Baron ClearScan learns to recognize data from actual weather targets versus radio frequency interference (RF) or anomalous propagation (AP). Other electronic devices cause RF interference and are a growing concern as new technologies like 5G cellular signals increase the potential interference with weather radars.

A Tornado Debris signature and Confirmed Tornado Warning displayed in Baron Lynx.