The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has selected Baron Weather, Inc., the worldwide leader in superior weather intelligence, to provide a cutting-edge weather radar system and data display technology that will play a vital role in the safety of shipping operations. In 2023, Baron will install a GEN3 850kW S-band dual-polarization radar. The radar will be located near the Panama Canal and Pacific Ocean in south-central Panama.

The Baron radar is replacing a single-polarization radar. The higher quality data from the dual-polarization technology will enable more precise detection and forecasting of weather and climate events that impact shipping on the canal and the surrounding communities.

Every year, approximately 14,000 ships pass through the canal. The region experiences heavy rainfall, flooding, windstorms, and tropical events that can all impact the ability of vessels to navigate the canal safely. The S-band radar is a prime solution for the ACP due to its excellent detection of precipitation, long observation range, and minimal attenuation.

The Baron radar will feature CLEAN-AP™ clutter suppression technology, available exclusively through a partnership with the University of Oklahoma, that ensures the most precise display of weather targets. The radar also includes Baron’s patented Multi-radial Calibration. This groundbreaking technology calibrates the radar with every sweep, ensuring the data is always accurate.

Baron will also be installing a Baron Lynx Advance Forecaster workstation. ACP meteorologists and staff will use Lynx to view and analyze radar data and other data from their meteorological network, such as rain gauges, so they can confidently make forecasts and weather-based decisions.

To ensure the implementation of the radar at the Panama Canal and Baron Lynx system is seamless, radar technicians and meteorologists from Baron will provide in-depth training.