Smarter Weather Data Solutions for Shipping and Offshore Operations

How Baron Can Help You

Gain invaluable insights into the weather to make informed decisions for your passengers and operations. Don't let interrupted operations, delays, and safety hazards caused by inaccurate weather data drain your time and money. Our solutions eliminate the need for meteorological expertise as they transform intricate weather forecasts into understandable and actionable data.

Best-in-Class Datasets
Get the data you need down to the street level at a price you can afford. Our catalog houses hundreds of datasets to best meet your needs, with insights tailored for decision-makers.
User-Friendly Software
Unlock the power of a single system that provides all the data you need in one place, consolidated from multiple sources and topped off with exclusive Baron graphics.
Digital Tools
Seamless Integrations
Feature-rich turnkey solutions from Baron ensure your development or software team can deploy Baron's customized datasets exactly when and where you need them.
Precision Weather Radars
Engineered for durability and sustainability, the Baron radar delivers high-quality data and minimizes long-term maintenance.

Thousands Trust Baron to Weatherproof Their World

The Benefits of Choosing Baron

  • Minimize Downtime

  • Streamline Decisions

  • Increase Profits

  • Ensure Safety

  • GIS Ready Layers

Minimize Downtime

Baron weather intelligence offers clarity with custom insights necessary to make well-informed decisions, preventing delays that increase expenses. Utilize our data to enhance the efficiency of loading and unloading processes, optimize timetables and routes, reduce the adverse effects of weather exposure on your ships' structures, achieve more economical fuel consumption, and much more.

Streamline Decision-Making

Real-time and historical maritime-specific weather data helps your team make informed decisions swiftly and accurately. Our comprehensive weather data solutions enable you to plan routes with precise knowledge of wind patterns, currents, potential storms, and more for seamless and efficient operations.

Sustain Profitable Operations

Our weather solutions are designed to help maintain a profitable edge in your operations. With our customizable weather parameters and alerts, we can help you strategically plan your operations, prepare for weather-related challenges, and ensure timely arrivals while minimizing costs and possibly lowering your carbon emissions.

Ensure Passenger and Crew Safety

Ensuring the safety of passengers and crew members is paramount in the maritime industry, where adverse weather conditions can pose significant risks. Our advanced weather monitoring tools provide up-to-the-minute insights into weather threats so you can navigate through adverse conditions such as heavy storms, turbulent seas, or fog while ensuring a secure and reliable voyage for everyone on board your vessels.

Optimize Your GIS System

Protect your assets from the negative impacts of weather exposure by monitoring everything in one unified system. Our exclusive weather data comes in Esri-ready layers, enabling you to maximize your investments and expand operational safety.


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"I love the products, they help me when I have volunteers on the ground by being able to set alerts. This keeps our volunteers safe. I also use the products to track weather patterns that may impact vulnerable populations. This allows me to see where we may set up potential response operations. The Baron weather tracks are very useful!"

Kristina Miller

Field Leadership/IMT

Team Rubicon

"We rely on Baron to help us prepare for and respond to all weather-related incidents, and Baron always performs."


Risk and Recovery Manager

Emergency Management Agency

"We need to know the rain and storm potential forecast from mid-March to mid-September at all times. In professional baseball, rainouts do us no good at all! I’ve used Baron Weather for a long time. I use Baron Threat Net a lot!"

Sam Bernabe


Iowa Cubs


Why Pay for a Weather Solution?

Baron surpasses free sources.


Tailored for Maritime Professionals

Designed with an understanding of the decision-making pressure maritime professionals encounter daily. Our solutions empower you to make informed choices with confidence. Whether it's managing vessel operations, ensuring the safety of crew and cargo, or optimizing routes for efficiency, the stakes are high and the margin for error is slim. From advanced analytics to real-time data integration, our solutions enable you to assess risks, evaluate options, and make informed choices. Our goal is simple: to equip you with the tools you need to excel in your role and ensure the continued success and safety of your operations.

Baron Weather API

Unlock the power of high-quality, reliable global weather data with current, future, and historical datasets seamlessly integrated into your operations. The Baron Weather API gives businesses access to over 200 data products and 102 Baron-exclusive offerings.

Esri Weather Layers

Elevate your Esri solutions with seamless integration of Esri-ready data layers from Baron. Unify your assets with current, forecast, and historical weather data for real-time analysis, enhancing your decision-making capabilities.

Baron Threat Net

Baron Threat Net® leverages high-quality data products at an optimal solution for live, real-time tracking of hazardous weather and short-range forecasting—all at an attractive price point.

Weather Modeling

Baron's high-resolution forecast modeling is unmatched in accuracy and versatility. Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP), hydrological, tropical, and air quality parameters are available for any domain, along with a first-of-its-kind Coupled Atmospheric Weather and Ocean (COWA) model.

XMWX Satellite Weather

Baron weather data has been transmitted over SiriusXM satellites for over two decades as part of the XMWX Satellite Weather service. Delivering live, high-quality weather data to locations that other terrestrial delivery methods can’t reach.

Baron Weather API

Unlock the power of high-quality global weather data seamlessly integrated into your operations with the Baron Weather API. Designed to accommodate all programming languages and data formats, our API offers access to a comprehensive data catalog featuring over 200 products including current, forecast, and historical data and 102 Baron exclusive offerings.


This robust suite empowers industries to make informed, data-driven decisions, enhancing efficiency across the board. The Baron Weather API is your gateway to smarter weather data, providing valuable insights for a diverse range of applications and industries.

Esri Weather Layers

Elevate your Esri solutions with seamless integration of Esri-ready data layers. Unify your assets with current, forecast, and historical weather data for real-time analysis, enhancing your decision-making capabilities.

Visualize the weather data alongside underlying data layers on a unified platform to gain valuable insights that maximize the efficiency of your investment in the Esri ecosystem. This consolidated approach ensures location-specific GIS-formatted weather data is easily accessible, promoting informed decisions and increased operational efficiency for a comprehensive, streamlined experience.

Baron Threat Net

The foremost weather monitoring and storm tracking platform Baron Threat Net® presents an optimal solution for live, real-time tracking of hazardous weather conditions and short-range forecasting—all at an attractive price point.

Leveraging Baron's high-quality data products, this platform delivers current, forecast, and historical data, enhancing decision-making in critical situations. With its proven weather data, Baron Threat Net is a comprehensive, trusted solution, offering essential information to fortify preparedness and response efforts when it matters most.

Weather Modeling

Baron's high-resolution forecast modeling presents a comprehensive suite featuring unmatched accuracy, encompassing standard Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP), hydrological, tropical, air quality, and pioneering Coupled Atmospheric Weather and Ocean (COWA) models.

Collaborating with agencies, we enhance their weather modeling capabilities, ensuring the delivery of precise and reliable forecasts. With our in-house modeling experts, an extensive array of models, and tailored experiences for both large and small domains, Baron stands as a trusted partner in advancing forecasting accuracy and meeting the unique needs of diverse forecasting challenges.

XMWX Satellite Weather

Discover XMWX, your ultimate companion for aviation and marine weather navigation. With cutting-edge technology and unparalleled accuracy, XMWX delivers real-time updates and precise forecasts, ensuring safe and efficient journeys for pilots and mariners alike.

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