XMWX Satellite Weather

High-Quality Weather Data for Pilots and Boaters

Keep weather aware during flight with the XMWX Satellite Weather aviation solutions.
Regardless of your mode of travel or your destination in the continental US, XMWX has a weather solution to keep you weather-aware and your passengers comfortable.
Keep weather aware both near-shore and off-shore with the XMWX Satellite marine solutions.

XMWX Satellite Weather

Baron weather data has been transmitted over SiriusXM satellites for over two decades as part of the XMWX Satellite Weather service. Delivering live, high-quality weather data to locations other terrestrial delivery methods can’t reach.

The XMWX data service keeps you safe in the air and on the water. Available on a variety of portal devices and used with the Baron Mobile link Bluetooth device, it provides freedom in the cockpit from extra cables and wires. 

The service offers a variety of continuously delivered weather information designed to promote weather safety and confidence.

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Pilots trust XMWX weather to get them there safely.

Our cockpit weather solutions are designed to keep pilots weather-aware before, during, and after every flight. The high-resolution weather data is continuously delivered to the cockpit for increased situational awareness.

Identify hazardous weather conditions with aviation-specific data delivered directly to your avionics display, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

You can access real-time weather when you need it most by using a satellite receiver and one of the in-cockpit devices supporting the service.

Review our other aviation products and services if you need weather data integrated into your operations. 

Avoid rough seas and seek pleasurable days on the water.

Delivering live, high-quality weather data to locations that other terrestrial delivery methods can’t reach, the XMWX data service keeps you safe. Easily enhance your situational awareness with our continuous access to high-resolution weather data packed with marine conditions and designed for offshore locations.

Don't let unexpected weather surprises catch you off guard – trust our extensive data coverage to provide the most accurate forecasts and real-time updates. Review our other maritime products and services if you're in the shipping business. We know that staying on schedule is a key to success.


A strong partnership delivering weather awareness. 

Baron has provided reliable and accurate weather data to the XMWX Satellite Weather Service for over 20 years. We are proud to partner with SiriusXM to deliver confidence and peace of mind to boaters and pilots when the weather is at its worst and best.

Thousands Trust Baron to Weatherproof Their World


Aviation and Marine Data Packages

XMWX Satellite Weather offers a selection of industry-specific packages with high-quality, current, and forecasted weather conditions delivered in real-time by powerful satellites. Standard data across all packages:

  • Current Conditions
  • High-Resolution Radar
  • Lightning
  • Satellite (Clouds)

Marine Specific Data

Baron Marine data keeps you safe, your passengers comfortable, and in exactly the right spot to catch those trophy fish. The XMWX marine packages include:

  • Sea State Conditions (Wave/Winds)
  • Buoy Data
  • Sea Surface Temperatures
  • Visibility
  • Tropical Forecasts
  • FishBytes



Aviation Data

As the data provider for XMWX Satellite Weather, we provide tens of thousands of pilots nationwide with critical weather intelligence in the cockpit. Specialized aviation data includes numerous products specifically for use in the cockpit:

  • Forecast/Warnings
  • Winds Aloft
  • Turbulence
  • Icing
  • TFR'S

Satellite Weather Solutions

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Accurate Aviation Weather Data

For Anywhere Your Customers Fly

To deliver a complete solution to your customers, high-quality global aviation weather data needs to be included in your products. Baron has a comprehensive catalog of aviation weather data products that includes many exclusives.