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The Weather API You Need Where and When You Need It

High-quality global weather data with multiple delivery options for fast and easy access with our weather API integration options.

“I didn’t need a lot of help in-person to complete the integration, but that’s only because the documentation was so clear. You don’t get that from every technology partner you work with.” John Burnside


Co-Founder & Director of Business Development

How Baron Weather Can Help You

Current Data

Asset Protection

Using the Baron Weather API, you can identify the threat, anticipate the impact and plan accordingly.

Business Continuity

The weather has a permanent role in shaping your profits. With Baron Weather API integrations, you'll gain insight to protect what's yours.

Situational Awareness

Know what impacts are happening now so you can direct your teams to safety.

Deploy Staff and Equipment

Field equipment and staff for quick and efficient storm response.

Forecast Data

Flight Tracking and Planning

Real-time aviation weather awareness is crucial to pilot safety.

Road Weather Projections

Exclusive data on road weather conditions shows the path ahead with unprecedented precision.

Fleet Logistics

Use the Baron Weather API to efficiently plan shipping routes, generate routing, and ensure driver safety and on-time arrivals.

Plan and Prepare

Exclusive forecasting products for severe weather, flooding, road weather, and climate.

Historical Data

Claims Validation

Evaluate policyholder claims with greater precision, using exclusive data for hail, winds, flooding and more.

Risk Modeling

For insurers, historical weather trends are key to future revenue growth and climate mitigation.

Weather Analytics

Insight is revenue. You can use the Baron Weather API to generate custom weather analytics, highlighting risks and evaluating trends.

Post Event Analysis

Evaluate team response and preparation and plan for improvements to speed and effeciency.

example of data from a weather api intergation with baron

Baron Global Weather API

The Baron Global Weather API is a customizable and reliable data feed that allows you to seamlessly integrate Baron weather data directly into your software platforms, apps, and websites. Featuring a RESTful architecture, the Baron Weather API delivers data in standardized formats. Our data catalog is the most extensive collection of weather data solutions available.

example of data from a weather api intergation with baron
“The value to our customers of having access to weather information in the live flight path is incredible.” Zandri Banks


Chief Experience Officer

historical archive exampel using baron's weather api integration

Historical Archive

The Baron Weather Archive provides access to a multi-year database of historical weather impacts. Using an API, the Weather Archive can be integrated into your existing software platforms, providing easy access to location specific historical data with high-resolution precision that matters to you. 

The following are just a few examples of the data available in the historical archive.

  • Twisting Winds
  • Road Weather
  • Hail
  • Hurricanes
  • Flooding
  • Damaging Winds
  • Fire and Smoke
  • Human Impacts Weather
historical archive exampel using baron's weather api integration

Esri and GIS Applications

High-quality Baron weather data can be added as a layer to your maps through a seamless integration into your Esri or GIS solution enhancing the analysis of the relationship between weather and other data sets. The accurate information Baron delivers about the location, time and severity of a weather event allows for in-depth analysis of the impact to your operations and assets.

Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Implementation: The Baron GIS solution serves data using standard protocols established by the Open Geospatial Consortium, such as Web Map Service (WMS) for map images and Web Feature Service (WFS) for geographic feature data.

The Weather Inspector

An innovative analytical tool, the Weather Inspector is a weather API integration that delivers summarized/consolidated historical weather impacts for specific locations, dates, and weather conditions with extraordinary speed and simplicity.

The Weather Inspector can be integrated into existing platforms or software using an API. Using a powerful RESTful interface, users can pull data from Baron’s extensive historical weather archive through customized queries that include user-defined date parameters and specific locations.

To further narrow search results, users can identify a specific weather event and set custom thresholds, the Weather Inspector will then quickly provide the corresponding data.

Weather Event Confirmation

Verify if multiple weather events have impacted a location

Advanced Insights

Assess the risk of a property by performing a multi-year long-range query to understand the types of weather events that impact a location and their frequency

Weather Impact Analysis

Leverage weather data against sales and operations data to analyze how certain weather conditions impact revenue and efficiency

example of using weather api integration for mobile

Mobile App SDK

Put the power of Baron weather intelligence into your iOS and Android apps. The Baron Mobile Toolkit, a series of mobile SDKs (Software Development Kits), provides easy plug-and-play solutions for adding intelligent weather content to your existing applications.

Baron weather data is provided through Amazon Web Services (AWS), ensuring mission critical delivery that scales on demand and is reliable and secure. Baron employs Content Delivery Networks, so your data is distributed across multiple data centers, reducing latency, and providing faster access times.

Development support is available and extensive documentation is always accessible online.

example of using weather api integration for mobile
“Having high-quality products and the personal level of support was huge. They know that every customer is different and worked with us to put together a package that makes sense for our business instead of a one-size fits all pricing model.” John Burnside


Co-Founder & Director of Business Development

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